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In the contemporary context, gay refers to people who are physically and emotionally attracted to members of their own gender. It is sometimes split a little further by distinguishing between gay men and lesbians, although the term "gay" does cover both genders.

However, the word "gay" originally meant "happy".

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If someone says your gay are they gay?

just because someone asks you if you are gay does NOT mean that they are gay. but they could be. but just because they ask you, if your gay... in that case not necessarily.

What does that mean if boy being gay to you?

You can't "be gay" to someone. Being gay is a sexual orientation, and nothing more.

What does the slang term chicken mean?

It can either mean that someone is a coward, or it can be a gay term for a very young gay man.

If someone is acting gay does that mean they are gay?

It probably mean they are or they are just messing around. Of course, even some striaght guys may act in an effeminate manner. It is best to avoid using stereotypes to determine if someone is gay.

What does it mean when someone calls you fruity?

They are trying to call you gay

What does it mean if someone says you're gay?

If someone says that you are gay, it simply mean that one is attracted to a member of the same sex in a sexual manner. In many instances, gay is used to refer to a man who is sexually or emotionally attracted to another man.

What does gay lesbian and bi mean?

Gay and Lesbian means someone who is attracted to the same sex. Bi is short for Bisexual, someone who is attracted to both sexes equally.

If a man likes a man does that mean they are gay?

More then likely yes. Someone who is attracted to the opposite sex is generally gay.

What is difference between a gay and a straight guy?

do you mean straight? if you do a gay is someone that likes boys and a straight likes girls:)

Is Jacqueline Woodson gay?

Um. guess what? she is gay. she has talked quite openly about it. And just because someone was married and/or has a child, doesn't mean that they aren't gay.

When someone is high and has gay tendencies what could that mean?

"gay tendencies" is a derogatory way of saying someone is gay. You don't actually describe the behavior you're questioning, so it's impossible to know what you mean by "gay tendencies."Either a person is gay or they're not. It could be that being high removes this person's inhibitions to hide his sexuality. It could also be a misinterpretation on your part.

If someone said to you i didnt know you would be that sensitive without telling me what does it mean?

Someones probably really gay. really gay.

How do you find out if your crush is gay?

Ask them. There isn't really anything to "watch for" to tell if someone is gay, Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they automatically start prancing around with limp wrists discussing how "FABulous" everything is.

How do you ask someone if they are gay?

are you gay??

How can you make someone gay?

Someone is gay because that is the way he/she is born, one does not "become" gay, so you can't "make" them gay.

Is contortionist Daniel Browning Smith gay?

"No. He is married and has a son." With all due respect, this is the most ridiculous answer to the question if someone is gay. I am gay, and I can run out, find a woman, marry her and get her pregnant...and I'm still gay. Someone being married does not mean they are not gay....of course it doesn't mean they are and trying to hide it either....but no one, and I repeat, NO ONE besides himself truly knows whether or not he is.

What does gay mean in I know why the caged bird sings?

The original meaning of "gay" is "beautiful".For example, if you said to someone "you look very gay my dear" - you are telling them they look beautiful.

How can a gay be straight?

If someone is gay, then they are gay. They cannot be straight.

What to say when someone says you are gay?

If someone says that you are gay, tell them you are or are not, and then ignore them.

What does it mean if people call you gay?

Generally, if someone calls you gay, and your not gay, they are attempting to insult you because they think that being gay is in insult. These people are homophobes, and usually fear or hate gay people out of ignorance or religious bigotry.

How do youknow if someone is gay?

You won't know...........just because some act or talk a kind of way...dosen't mean they are gay but if you ask them, they will give you an answer

Does pervert mean gay?

No-- gay is loving someone of your gender, while 'pervert' more or less means intruding or watching something sexual, etc.

What do you mean by Sexual Orientation?

whether someone is heterosexual (straight), homosexual (gay), or bisexual (bi)

When a man talks to a man near a bathroom does that mean he is gay?

no, where would u get that idea, just because u talk to someone next to the bathroom doesnt mean he or u r gay!

How can you tell if someone is gay by their hands?

You can't tell if someone is gay by looking at their hands.

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