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Q: What does it mean when something is unstable?
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What does richcity mean?

If you mean rickety, it means something that is unstable and may tip over.

What does unstable?

Unstable means that something is likely to move or change.

What does destabilize mean?

To come unstable; to be in the process of becoming unstable.

What does the cups acronym mean?

Critical Unstable Potentially Unstable Stable

What you mean by numerically unstable algorithm?

a note on numerically unstable algorithm

What does a unstable animal mean?

Unstable animals means they can not stay in one play they have to move around. They aren't stable.

What does the phrase your touched mean?

It means you are mentally unstable.

What is thermally unstable mean?

If a substance is thermally unstable it means it breaks down at high temperature. It cannot withstand high temperature.

What does politcally unstable mean?

Politically unstable means that the politics of a country are in limbo. This could be caused by differences of opinions and pressure from constituents.

What happens when something absorbs a high energy electron?

the absorbing material becomes unstable

What are the requirements for something to be radioactive?

The substance in question must be relatively unstable and be emitting subparticles.

What is emotionalism?

Emotionally unstable is something people suffer from when they are unstable with their emotions often turning to self harm which may get them classed as Emo even though Emo means emotional