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What does it mean when the 4 wheel high and low lights blink and the electric windows will not work and all fuses are ok on a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT?


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When mine did this, the wire had come off the sensor on the transfer case. Does the 4x4 still work? Hey; Mine Was Doing The Exact Same Thing, Turned Out To Be A Bad Relay. You Will Have To Get It Replaced, Sorry Don't Know What The Unit Is Called Or Located. Should Not Cost To Much, But Getting An Honest Mechanic Is Another Story. -Dan window switch on drivers side was bad they are 6100 at dealer and solved problems with 4 wheel lights also


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It's probably the master switch on the driverside door. I had to replace mine last year because mine did the same thing

On a 1999 GEO Tracker, a bad fuse can cause the headlights and dash lights to blink. A bad voltage regulator or alternator can also cause lights to blink and flicker.

When your 4X4 dash lights blink that is indicating a malfunction - could be just a sensor

i dont have an answer, but my 4wd works, the lights just blink randomly sometimes

You can buy special bulbes that blink your lights slowly or you can computerize them.

replace the flasher fuse

you need to change the flasher can for the signal lights

Check all of your blinker lights. There are two in each tail light, one in each center signal, and one at the corner of each headlight, a total of 8 lights should blink when you have the flashers on. If a bulb is burnt out, it will increase the blink rate. Also, installing LED's in the tail lights will cause the blink rate to increase.

It has been my experience that when the blinker comes on but the lights don't blink there is one or more bulbs burned out. If that is not the case check the flasher.

If the lights blink fast on either side of the car then this means you either have non-factory bulbs in the car or you need to replace your blinkers because one of your lights is out.

Maybe a short somewhere...did you replace the flasher unit? No - it was blinking spuradically(?) - now I have to blink it manually and it won't blink at all with lights on.

burnt fuse. check the fuse box

No it doesn't I've already tried it.

When both of the turn signals (indicators) of a car blink simultaneously, it is usually because the hazard lights are turned on.

Buy a "highway" turn signal flasher

That can happen when there is a bad ground to one of the lights.

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