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What does it mean when the brakes are grinding when going around corners and how do you fix it?


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2017-02-19 21:27:14
2017-02-19 21:27:14

It is likely not the brakes. It sounds more like underinflated/bad tires. It could also be a bad wheel bearing. If it turns out to be the brakes, you would repair it by replacing the pads and having the rotors turned by a machine shop.


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no, that sounds like the brakes are grinding because the are ready to be changed, check them out immediately.

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Check or have them checked immediatley. They are going to fail REAL soon.

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You need new brakes. IF its really bad you're going to need new rodars.

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The best way to know when your automobile needs brakes is when they start squeaking, grinding against metal, leaking brake fluid and the pedal going to the floor.

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