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It is likely not the brakes. It sounds more like underinflated/bad tires. It could also be a bad wheel bearing. If it turns out to be the brakes, you would repair it by replacing the pads and having the rotors turned by a machine shop.

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Q: What does it mean when the brakes are grinding when going around corners and how do you fix it?
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When you apply your brakes there is a grinding noise in the rear of your 1996 Lincoln could that be the air ride suspension going out?

no, that sounds like the brakes are grinding because the are ready to be changed, check them out immediately.

My brakes are making a grinding noise what does that mean?

Check or have them checked immediatley. They are going to fail REAL soon.

Why do my 93 Ford Taurus's back brakes keep grinding down to metal on metal?

You need new brakes. IF its really bad you're going to need new rodars.

How do I know when to check my cars brakes?

The best way to know when your automobile needs brakes is when they start squeaking, grinding against metal, leaking brake fluid and the pedal going to the floor.

What could cause a grinding sound in left rear wheel when going over dips and bumps in road while going straight and not applying brakes?

Bad wheel bearing is one possibility.

Why does a car vibrate coming off from a stop or going around corners?

out of balance

Your renult senic is juddering going around corners?

Sounds like cv joints

Grinding or rubbing sound in the front end of a 2002 Ford Focus?

A wheel bearing could be going bad in a 2002 Ford Focus if a grinding or rubbing sound is heard. A trip to a mechanic is advised as a bad wheel bearing that's not fixed can lead to damaged brakes.

Why is your Honda jazz squeaking when you go around corners?

sounds like your drive axles are going bad.

What would cause a bad vibration and grinding sound on the left front wheel side of the truck while going down the road at speeds above 20 mph?

Brakes, wheel bearing.

Grinding noise when braking?

A grinding noise when braking can occur when the brake pads are going bad. You are hearing the brake grinding on the metal discs.

Grinding noise when turning the steering wheel in a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

many reasons, steering pump, cv joints may be going out, or you could be grinding some plastic that goes around the wheel

Brakes work going backwards better than going forwards?

If your brakes work going backwards better than forwards, you should replace your front brakes. You can get your rotors turned to save time, as well.

Why does your car die going around corners?

Could be loose or damaged wire connections. I find that when something odd happens to a vehicle, I look carefully around where it was last worked on.

How do you test your bike brakes?

slowly push it along then pull the brakes, if it stops, THE BRAKES WORK!!! if it keeps going, THE BRAKES DON'T WORK!!! IT'S ROCKET SCIENCE!!!

What type of Wheel brakes are used to stop the aircraft on the runway?

Aircraft have disc brakes, but they're different from automotive disc brakes: the calipers are the same size as the rotors and they have pads going all the way around. On a really big plane, like an airliner, there are multiple discs.

What would cause a grinding noise on the right side of your 2002 chev trailblazer when I go around a curve only turning right handed....?

Could be something caught in your brakes, but it could also be something more serious. You or your mechanic should check it out soon. It could be the bearing failing, and that wouldn't be good to have it fail at 60+ MPH. Or your wheel bearings are going out.

Brakes going to the floor?

you either need to bleed your brakes, add fluid or get a master cylinder

Why should car brakes be checked regularly?

You wouldn't want to be going down an incline (a hill) and find you have no brakes!

What could cause your brakes to go out quickly?

I know on Jeeps they use a soft rotor supposedly to quiet the brakes. The average mileage for their rotors is supposed to be around 13,000. I changed my rotors and have not had this problem since and I'm going on 30,000.

What sound does a car make when the bearings are going bad?

Usually it'll be a grinding sound.

How do you put 6 pennies in a square with 3 cents on each side?

Going around the corners of the square, have piles of 2, 1, 2 and 1 at each corner.

What causes a grinding sound when going over bumps?

A lot of times the grinding sound that is heard when going over bumps is actually the car scraping the cement. If it is not a serious problem then the best thing to do would be to drive slow over the bumps.

What kind of brakes are on the rear of 1997 Chevy Lumina?

I'm going to bet they are drum style brakes. I have a 1999 Luminia, and they are drums on it.

How do you stop my standard transmission from grinding going into third gear?

To stop a standard transmission from grinding into third gear, check the level of the transmission fluid. If the noise continues, consult a mechanic.