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On my Lexus I had an issue with the lights staying off when it was cold. This was the case for all of my dashboard lights. Then they would flicker back on. There are Caps on the board for the instrument panel that were blown. This was the case for my fuel cage that didn't work consistently work as well

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What does CSV Mean on the dashboard lights on an Lexus 300?

the lights on the dash are as such, the left light is for the low oil pressure, the right light is low generator/alternator. The red light on the dash is for the cylinder head temp. if it exceeds a temp limit, it will light. when driving, or coming off the freeway, the oil pressure light might flicker, due to the change in pressure quickly. The generator light may flicker when 1st started or if the vehicle is ideling lower than required.

what do all the dash board warning lights mean on a1989 mercedes benz

warning lights mean something is wrong and needs attention by a mechanic

Surely you know what some of the lights mean. Be more specific.

I have your same model 200sx and a similar problem. My dash lights sometimes flicker on and off when I hit bumps or if I touch that rolling dimmer swith that adjusts the brightness of the dash lights. If it wont come back on, I just tap it until it does. I assume this means there is a gap in the electrical connection that is on or near that rolly switch. Luckily mine hasn't gone completely out yet, and if it does it may just be a matter of opening up the panel and finding the crappy piece to fix it or replace it. (by dash lights you do mean the speedometer and tach right?)

what the dash lights mean on a mitsubishi canter 35 3 litre

There are several dash lights on a Mitsubishi Triton. There is a light to indicate a hot engine, low battery current, high beam lights and when the cruise control is engaged.

Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The owners manual ( and an explanation of the dash lights ) can be viewed on-line

what does the t/c warning light on the dash of a 2015 chevy sonic turbo ltz mean

If you mean the lights, it's probably just the headlight switch itself, which can be rotated to adjust the brightness of the dash lights. Turn it back and forth to see if the dash lights wake up. If you mean the dash electronics altogether, that'd be wiring.. probably a ground - get a schematic and get to it. check ur fusebox..fuse might be blown

Which light?, there are a lot of different lights.

there is a light we dont know what it means

you mean the engine still runs?

What kind of flicker do you mean? I own an '05 Aveo (my first car) and I find that my running lights get dim, go back to full brightness, and repeat. My interior clock goes in and out too. Why I mention the clock is that when I did a little research, I found that the circuit for the clock and the headlights are connected. After checking it out, I found that when the lights are bright, the clock is out, and when the lights were dim, the clock was on. I don't know if this is your issue, but it could help.

Ale a look in the handbook should be in there

The warning lights on the dash of a 1998 Toyota Rav4 can mean anything from low fuel to brake problems or overheating. Each light has a unique image which denotes the specific problem.

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