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AnswerThat is an alert means to tell the owner or driver that one of the sensor has input information to the computer that is out of it's specifications. It is called a MIL light. It indicates that a DTC - trouble code has been stored and can be used by a technitian to correct the problem. Some cars the light will stay on when this is a hard error and the performance of the car will change but in most cases you can make to the nearest repair station. Continue to drive with the light may result in a more costly repair.

(add) In diagnosing a misfire condition in my 97 cavalier I found that the MIL light (check engine light) came on with the misfire condition. It (acording to code guide in SnapOn scan tool) flashes when the misfire is serious enough to damage the catalytic converter. Suggesting that the light being on is a problem and a flashing light means drive it to the shop (or not at all)..


I am not really sure but I know that if you go to an Autozone store, they have scanners that they can connect to your car and check what the problem is. I did this with my car, but I know that the scanner does not work on really old cars. They can check why the light is that way and they recommend what you can do to fix the problem. This service is offered for free.

I Have a 1999 cavalier if the check engine light comes on and stays on it indicates a problem with the emissions control system.

If the light is flashing it indicates a misfire.

the check engine light is on in my car and i have had it on the scanner and it is caused by a bad seal in the gas cap which is one of many causes so either way have it checked to determine the cause.

here is a link to the owners manual for the 1999 which should be the same for the 1997 for the check engine light.

look at pages 134-137 is explains the meaning of the light.

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Q: What does it mean when the engine light blinks on a Chevy Cavalier?
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1997 Chevy venture check engine light blinks?

If the check engine light is blinking that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

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2000 Chevy cavalier check engine light on?

could be the oxygen sensor. that's what it was on mine.

Does the service engine light in a 1996 Chevy cavalier go on when oil change is way overdue?


Can low fuel make the check engine light on a Chevy cavalier come on?

No, only a problem that effects emissions will set the check engine light.

Your Chevy Cavalier engine light is on?

It has set a trouble code. Have the codes pulled at a autozone or oreilly auto parts.

Why would the check engine soon light come on in an 2005 Chevy Cavalier?

If it is easy, your gas cap is not on correctly.

Why does check engine light blinks 9 times?

It is important to know why a Check engine light blinks. In many cars, when it blinks so many times, it is indicating a code, which is indicating the problem number for the specific car.

What could be wrong if the check engine light blinks?

get it checked, because if the ligt blinks, something is wrong.

Does the Check Engine Light on a Chevy Cavalier have anything to do with the transmission?

Possibly. The check engin light (aka idiot light) is a 'catchall' indicator that something is wrong in the engine compartment, especially since the tranny is hooked up to the engine.

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