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It either means he's a scared failure of a man,or doesnt have a condom or other form of contreception available for use to participate in sexual intercourse.

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A girl that has never had intercourse.

A virgin girl is one that has not yet had sexual intercourse.A virgin girl is one that has not yet had sexual intercourse.A virgin girl is one that has not yet had sexual intercourse.A virgin girl is one that has not yet had sexual intercourse.

If a guy "goes down" on girl, it means he licks up her vagina. It's supposed to be pleasing for the woman. Basically, you lick her up.

The had sexual intercourse with that guy or girl

It is slang for intercourse. To 'rail' a girl simply means to have sex with her.

This is a slang expression for "sexual intercourse".

She may want to have sexual intercourse.

When you have sexual intercourse for the first time.

To engage in sexual intercourse.

To rub or caress possibly sexual intercourse

i think 'cherry' means the thing that is flapping down in your Virgina. and during sexual intercourse when the penis goes in. It will hurt, because the 'cherry' is in the way. ( I think that's what it means

A girl that goes to lee elementary and is my bffl she is cool dude

girl wil feel that her boy friend to be close with her after sex

it means to have have sexual intercourse with a girl right in front of everyone

No. It is a watered down way of saying to have sexual intercourse.

If the girl was mean to you for no reason then you have the right to reciprocate the same.

If a talkative girl goes quiet around you, it might mean that she has a crush on you. Or it might mean that she doesn't want to talk to you.

A membrane (a thin layer of tissue) called the hymen (also called a maidenhead) partly covers the vaginal opening. The act of intercourse tears/breaks this membrane. However, the membrane can be torn in other ways, so it isn't a certain sign a girl has had intercourse. That is, if a girl has intercourse the membrane will be torn, but the fact that it is torn does necessarily mean she has had intercourse.

if someone want to see you boyfriend in bed.That means that the girl want to have sexual intercourse with him.

When a boy tells a girl that she is down to earth,it only means that the girl is a very straght forward girl.

that she is a friend if you are a girl but if you are a boy it probably means that she loves you

it is illegal to look down girls pants that the girl wants to see his...ARENA...

Going down when used in this context means to perform oral sex on a girl

she wants to have intercourse with you now,, touching a collar bone is a very erotic thing to do :P

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