Depression and Bipolar Disorder
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What does it mean when you are bi-polar?

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To be bi-polar simply means to have mood swings, something like a pendulum. A pendulum moves from one extreme to the other in a swinging motion. Consequently, bi-polar works by the same principle. You may be extremely jubilant and energetic for a period of time. The other extreme is you may fall into a sad or depressed mood for a period of time. Not unlike a yo-yo, up and down. It was also known as manic-depressive disorder. Manic when 'high' and depressive when low.
Bipolar describes a disorder characterized by both manic and depressive episodes.

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Are girls bipolar?

Some girls are diagnosed as Bipolar, some girls are not Bipolar. All girls are not bipolar.

How is bipolar disorder genetic?

Yes BiPolar is genetic and it is highly likely that someone who has BiPolar has a family member with the same condition. But not always i mean someone has to be first.

What does diagnosis code 296.80 mean?


What does disorder bipolar nos 296.80 mean?

Bipolar Disorder, not otherwise specified. It means a form of Bipolar Disorder that doesn't really fit the other diagnostic categories.

Do mood swings make me bipolar?

Mood swings are a symptom of bipolar; but that does not definitively mean you are bipolar; your best bet is to go to a doctor. There are times when you may have symptoms but not the disease.

What does it mean when somebody calls you bipolar?

Being bipolar means that you have extreme mood swings between depression and happiness.

What does bi-poplar mean?

Did you mean Bipolar, this is a mental illness which is also known as a mood disorder. Its called bi which refers to TWO and polar referring polarity so two polarity, hence we have bipolar 1 n bipolar 2. A person wit bipolar 1 displays severe mood swings n mania with mild depression. A person with bipolar 2 displays severe depression with mild mania, there is also cyclothymic bipolar which is a border line bipolar that often goes undiagnosed

Do bipolar people mean everything they say when they are high?

NO body says anything they mean when they are high!

Can bipolar be sociopaths?

Sure. But so can people with leukemia, arthritis, and HIV. Having Bipolar Disorder doesn't automatically mean you'll turn out to be a sociopath.

Can you have bipolar and a psychotic disorder?

Having Bipolar disorder doesn't mean you can't have other conditions, it's entirely possible to have any number of conditions.

What does the name lesley mean?

lesley means to be bipolar but very fun..

What is bipolar NOS?

Bipolar NOS is a category for bipolar states that do not clearly fit into the bipolar I, II, or cyclothymia diagnoses.

What does mood swings and going to bathroom a lot mean?

you are bipolar with balder infection.

How do you say bipolar disorder in Spanish?

Desorden bipolar o trastorno bipolar

What is the definition bipolar?

what is the definition if bipolar??

Are spindles bipolar?

Are spindles bipolar

What does it mean when someone is bipolar?

The definition of bipolar is having two extremes. Bipolar can used as an adjective to describe someone who acts in two extreme manners, or has two vastly different opinions. Someone can also have bipolar disorder, a mental illness characterized by manic and depressive states. People with bipolar disorder fluctuate between periods of mania when they are impulsive and euphoric, and periods of depression when they are sad and apathetic.

Can your children get bipolar?

Kids can definitely get Bipolar, especially if one (or both) of the parents are Bipolar.

How do you say 'bipolar' in Spanish?

Translation of bipolar: The same word is used.

If a person EEG and MRI on their brain comes back normal do this mean that they do not have bipolar disorders?

No, unfortunately there is no objective test for bipolar disorder, it can only be diagnosed by subjective observation of symptoms.

Is Bipolar a disease?

Bipolar Disease is a disease.

Was Albert Einstein bipolar?

was einstein bipolar

How do you spell bipolar?

Bipolar is the correct spelling.

How do you use 'bipolar' in a sentence?

We need the depression prone bipolarcreative genius.

Who gives grant money for bipolar disorder sufferers?

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