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Someone close to you dying in a dream represents a rebirth of the relationship, bad or good.

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Q: What does it mean when you dream of your living cousin being dead?
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What does it mean when your girlfriend seen your dead cousin in her dream?

Your girlfriend's dreams are about herself. This dream reflects her own thoughts and feelings about your late cousin based on her memories of that person or on what she has heard about this cousin from you.

How is dead related to being living Can something that was never living be dead?

it was living

What does it mean when you dream about a dead cousin that is using foul language towards you?

The dream reflects the dreamer's emotions regarding the cousin, perhaps including some fear and regret regarding their relationship. The dream provides no information at all about the deceased cousin's thoughts, emotions or experience.

Is Mae jemison dead?

no she is still living her dream and studying and becoming smarter

What does it mean when you dream that a living person is dead and come to you?

they want you to pay attention to them

What does it mean when you dream that your dead cousin of 10 years is telling you he likes your tattoo?

The dream means that the dreamer knows that the deceased cousin would have approved of the sentiment represented by the tatoo. The dream also demonstrates the continuing ties of love and caring that survive beyond the boundaries of life and death.

What does it mean to dream of a dead chicken?

This dream could be positive or negative, depending on its context and on your feelings during the dream. If the dream is scary, it might be a combination of the idea of being "chicken" or cowardly and a "dead duck" or being without any defense. On the other hand, if the dream was rather cheerful and bright, that dead chicken could represent the possibility of a fine dinner.

Why did i see my cousin's funeral in my dream and in real life he isn't dead?

I'm trying to figure this one out right now myself. I just lost my nearly 17 year old female pet cat 4 days ago and wondering if her death is somehow corresponding to this dream. In the dream, two of my closest male friends were in attendance at my cousin's funeral but they do not know my cousin. I am also not that close to my cousin either. Strange stuff for sure. When I awoke from the dream, I was feeling concern and worry for my male cousin, though, praying that the dream was not a premonition and more reflective of my internal world of experiencing a loss.

Would a mummy be dead nonliving or living?

I vote for dead. A human mummy is the corpse of a once living human being.

How does age of a dead living being identified?

First of all, they cant be a living dead being. Sorry for being a grammar freak. But they carbon date it, a process which calculates the age of something with radiation.

What does it mean to be playing dead in a dream?

The dream might reflect the dreamer's feeling that he/she needs to avoid being noticed by others.

What does it mean when you dream that your dead friend stabs you?

This dream illustrates the pain of grief. The loss of the friend is as painful as being stabbed.

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