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If you have just come of the pill (up to year) it may be that your body is still readjusting to a normal rythym. A two day bleed around a week prior to when your period is due may be an early sign of pregnancy being an implantation/spotting bleed. A two day period may just be completely normal. The average bleed consists of 40ml.

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Q: What does it mean when you have period just last two days?
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Can you be pregnant after if your last period was 18 days ago?

No, I mean its possible, but your period comes along, about every 28 days so you shouldn't be worried just yet.

What does it mean if you bleed for 2 days then spotted for 2 days?

You actually had a four day period, but the last 2 days just seemed as if you spotted. You are normal.

What does it mean if my period has started but isn't on everyday?

It means that the period last only a few days not the whole period it should last.

If your period always last for 7 days then your next period last for 3-4days does that mean you pregnant?

No that does not mean that it means that your period this time was not as long asit normall is

What does it mean when your period lasts for four days?

Nothing abnormal. Period usually last about 3-6 days but can be longer. 4 days is a great length!

What does it mean when you period goes off and on for two days and your crampin?

Two days? That's your period. I hear it last around a week..

What does it mean when you have a very lite period?

it just means that you have a light period. you'll have your heavy days and your light days =)

What does it mean if a period only last three days?

If a period only lasts three days, it may not be a period at all. However, some women have relatively short periods that only last 3-4 days anyway.

What does it mean when you bleed for 7 days?

Nothing. You are just having a period.

If you get a period 9 days after your last one what does that mean?

It means your periods , were really not over.

If you missed your last period but got your next one what does that mean?

It just means that you missed a period

Does last couple of days mean last two days?

Yes, it does. "last couple of days" does mean "last two days" ^^

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