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It is impossible to make a diagnosis, there are so many things it could be. See a doctor.

AnswerIt is difficult to make a diagnosis with only some of the symptoms. However, one illness comes to mind with the symptoms you have given. Genital Herpes "could"be the cause of the symptoms you describe. It can cause a lesion anywhere in the area around the vagina. It can be contracted through traditional sex or oral sex with someone with a "cold sore". If it is Herpes the symptoms will usually start approx. two weeks after exposure, initially there will be an itching or tingling or burning sesation. This is followed by development of a small cluster of red bumps that itch (generally the size of a dime to the size of a quarter). After a few days, the bumps will turn into blisters, then the blisters will open become painful and gradually dry up and go away in a few days. If this is your first episode the symptoms will usually last about 12 days and it is frequently accompanied by a low grade fever and flu-like symptoms. Subsequent outbreaks are less severe and may only last 4-5 days.You must be seen by a health care provider while your symptoms are still present for an accurate diagnosis, if a culture is done, it needs to be done before the blisters dry up. There is treatment available through your physician depending on the frequency and severity of your outbreaks, IF it is Herpes.
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Q: What does it mean when you have red itchy bumps on top of your vaginal area where the hair grows under your stomach?
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