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It is impossible to make a diagnosis, there are so many things it could be. See a doctor.

AnswerIt is difficult to make a diagnosis with only some of the symptoms. However, one illness comes to mind with the symptoms you have given. Genital Herpes "could"be the cause of the symptoms you describe. It can cause a lesion anywhere in the area around the vagina. It can be contracted through traditional sex or oral sex with someone with a "cold sore". If it is Herpes the symptoms will usually start approx. two weeks after exposure, initially there will be an itching or tingling or burning sesation. This is followed by development of a small cluster of red bumps that itch (generally the size of a dime to the size of a quarter). After a few days, the bumps will turn into blisters, then the blisters will open become painful and gradually dry up and go away in a few days. If this is your first episode the symptoms will usually last about 12 days and it is frequently accompanied by a low grade fever and flu-like symptoms. Subsequent outbreaks are less severe and may only last 4-5 days.You must be seen by a health care provider while your symptoms are still present for an accurate diagnosis, if a culture is done, it needs to be done before the blisters dry up. There is treatment available through your physician depending on the frequency and severity of your outbreaks, IF it is Herpes.
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White itchy bumps on stomach?

you got something. go to the docter

What is red itchy bumps on your stomach?

Honesty, that probably herpes.... just sayin

Why is my skin itchy i have a rash on my stomach that's red no bumps what would this be?

There are hundreds of possible explanations for an itchy rash on your stomach without red bumps. See your health care provider next week if it hasn't gone away, or sooner if you have other symptoms.

How can you get rid of small itchy red bumps almost in the crease of your vaginal lip and thigh?

Might be Herpes see a doctor...

Itchy bump on your vaginal area?

Ughhh i Had a whole bunch of this wierd bumps when i first started my premenstrual cycle but then they stopped, so I'm guessing it is normal.

Why does your dog have red itchy bumps on his stomach?

It could be mange. Mange is not an immediate threat but I would suggest taking your dog to the vet soon.

What is itchy in menstruation?

your vaginal flaps

What are small itchy bumps on your thigh?

Small itchy bumps on your thigh are likely just heat rash. This should go away if you do not scratch it.

What are itchy bumps on forearms?

bug bites?

What's an itchy rash that's red with very small bumps on the lower part of your breasts and a little bit of your stomach?

A doctor would have to see it for a diagnosis.

What type of bumps are on skin and itchy and then bleed?


What is the cause and treatment of red itchy bumps all over legs arms stomach back?

Not a doctor but I would take some benadryl and if that did not work see a doctor.

Small red itchy bumps?

It sounds like a rash.

What are these Itchy red bumps behind the ear?

It's a rash.

What can dry itchy and burning puss bumps on hand be?


How do you get rid of small itchy bumps on your body?

Ask your doctor about it.

Do chickenpox come in a cluster of itchy bumps?

Chickenpox causes widespread bumps, not clustered. Shingles or poison ivy are just a couple of problems that can cause a cluster of itchy bumps. See your health care provider for definite diagnosis and treatment.

What is the red rash with white bumps around the stomach back hips thighs and knees and sometimes the groin that is also itchy and worse at night?

I think you might be talking about Scabies.

What are these Itchy red bumps on my bum?

The itchy red bumps on your bum could be an insect bite or a sweat rash. Try and wear loose cotton underwear and wash regularly to minimize sweat.

Is an itchy stomach a sign of pregnancy?


What could be a Non itchy bumps on breast?

Possibly skin blemishes.

You have these red itchy bumps on your buttocks and the around your anus what are they?

its called hemroids

What could tiny itchy bumps spread over your back be?


What if you have several bumps on your vagina and its itchy and red?

You need to go to your doctor.

What are Pink itchy hard bumps in cleavage?

signs of poor hygiene

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