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What does it mean when you urinate too much during the day and you have a weird feeling every time you urinate?


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  • It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection (burning, dribble urine and still have to go again and lower stress on the abdomen. It's time to see a doctor! Also, try drinking Pomegranate juice and also Cranberry juice and lots of water are great for getting rid of this. There is also a good health food pill to take (works great and we use it here in British Columbia, Canada) called, "C Buckthorn Berry." Don't be terrified at what you see come out with your urine as it's all that bacteria that clings to the walls and you're getting rid of it. That's why women can have continuing urinary tract infections. It actually cleanses and has no bad side effects. See your doctor first and get this infection cleared up and when you feel the slightest twinge of another infection coming on then take the "C Buckthorn Berry."

It could also be a sign of Diabetes or kidney disease. Have your doctor check your A1C and BUN/Creatinine levels. These are simple blood tests.