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It normally means that you have yeast infection(thrush)


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Sounds like you have a infection. See a doctor.

It can either be vaginal cancer, or your boyfriend just f**ked you too hard. ;)

Itch it or take it up to a doctor

no,it is not possible to cut it off because it is part of your human body(female)o.k but if it itches just SCRATH IT!!!

when your right palm itches it is supposed to mean that you are going to come into a lot of money soon

that has been happening to me too i think it means u put some type of soap on your body and it went to your vagina and made it itchy...i'm not really sure the last time i asked my health teacher he said it didn't mean anything..

When your right itches that means some one is going to make you mad.

This could be a yeast infection. If it itches and thick and white it most likely is a yeast infection. Go to the doctor.

My Grandmother always said if your nose itches "You're going to kiss a fool."

Some superstitious thoughts state that if the palm of your hand itches you will be coming into money soon.

most girls get it cause they are on they way to their period and it also can be if someone have already had their period it can be old blood and if it itches your vagina it can be an infection hoped i helped you if it is a brownish color it can mean you have std.

People say that when your left thumb itches you will lose money. When your right thumb itches you will receive money. However, this has not been scientifically proven.

It seems to be an allergic reaction. Try an appropriate ointment.

It means you should scratch it.

It means that you are pregnant with triplets.

If your left leg itches it may just mean there is a skin irritation on the leg. There are old wives' tales that may make it out to mean something more however.

For the most part, if your nose itches, it is because the nerve endings in the skin have been irritated in some way.

It might mean you have a rash to need a face wash

money is coming your way :D

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