What does it mean when your breast is sore?


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It means either your period is coming or your pregnant and your breasts are developing milk slowly .

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my breast is sore and i eat a lot of spicy

why are my breast sore and itchy

Sore breasts could mean that you are pregnant, but it could mean other things, including your period approaching, or breast disease.

Everyone is diff. not all women have sore breast.

What causes flutters sore breast and cramps?

yes, your breast maay never get sore while you are pregnant

I am very sorry to tell you but you do have breast cancer.

it means that your breast is growing!! one may start growing first, but it will even out in a while.

If you mean from just kissing, no. Messing around with the nipple and breast, yes. If your breasts are feeling sore for no apparent reason you should do a home breast exam or maybe even see a doctor.

If you are not pregnant, you may have a breast infection or other condition. Check with your doctor.

I had very sore breast, when I was pregnant, until 6 weeks when I found out I'd miscarried.

chelsey's answerNo it doesnt always mean your pregnant it can also mean they are growing or you have breast cancer or sometimes means you are stressed out.

Breast get sore and are tender because they are growing and the skin is stretching. It's nothing to worry about and the pain will disappear not long after it comes.

Probably yes, from what I have heard, they get sore anyway, and if you had surgery on them that could cause more pain.

it could be pregnacy, milk building up, or breast cancer

Breast tenderness is caused by fluctuating hormones.

YES!this could be a sign of pregnancy when your breast get sore then you usually are pregnant. The cramping feeling could be your fetis attaching to the uteris if the pain is early on. Later in the pregnancy it's your uteris stretching. maybe not, It could also PMS, I think the difference in Sore Breast in pregnancy and PMS is that Sore breast in pregnancy have longer pain duration than Sore Breast in PMS.

That symptom can mean a good thing.it would have been nice if you would have posted more info about your insemination,but in some women sore breast con mean pregnancy.go take test.

no , it's not bad if your nipples get sore.causes could be-you may be pregnant.-your period is coming.-stress.BUT it can mean a bad thing that you may have a sign of breast cancer.

No. It means that the person grabs them too hard and doesn't respect you.

The glands and ducts of the breast can become inflamed or infected. There are a variety of reasons for sore breasts. You should see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

You need to more specific please......

When you start sucking on it.

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