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Depending on your carrier, it could mean any number of things:

1. Some carriers show calls to voicemail as an incoming call to yourself.

2. It could mean that there was a billing error.

3. It could mean that someone "spoofed" their Caller ID when calling you to display your number as the caller.


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An incoming call is a phone you that you receive when someone calls your phone.

It's rare for any phone bill to show incoming calls - the purpose of the bill is to charge you for outgoing calls ! If my bill listed all my incoming calls - the phone company would need a forklift to deliver it !

I have a land line (rather than a cell phone) and nobody's number who phones me shows up on my phone bill.

There is no way to hide outgoing calls from your cell phone bill. Itemized billing shows calls, MMS, SMS and GPRS activity on your phone with date, time, duration and cost.

The iPhone 4 does not have a specific function to view older calls. However, there is an app called Phone View that does allow this. Once one downloads the app, it unlocks the call history and shows it as a list of calls with the date, time, and phone number included.

It means that somebody has put in *67 before your number ex: *67303-555-5555

1300 655 506 is the big shows number

Most radio shows or stations are computerized and there is no one to answer the phone.

Tricky one as mobile phones differ according to the model. On my Sony Ericsson, there is a 'green selection key' which, if I press it, shows me a list of recent incoming and outgoing numbers.

To track calls you can use the 'Cell tracker' App for Andriod but if your son doesn't have an Andriod phone you can call his network provider/cell phone company and ask for a copy of the bill. The bill shows exactly who he has been calling.

the restricted call does not show the number calling at all. The no ID call is a call not restricted but also not registered in your cell phone so the number shows but the name does not.

It depends on if your on a cell phone or on your house phone. On cell phones, some people have a certain amount of minutes that are free. Cell phones also have certain times at night that it will not cost you anything. Cell phones can also have free weekends if you get that. Your house phone always shows long distance phone calls and sometimes your phone shows local phone calls. It really depends on what kind of plan or phone you have got.

You can't. The system automatically shows an unanswered incoming call as 'missed' - even if you hang-up before the other person answers.

The phone number of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Air Shows is: 845-752-3200.

Sorry that information is not given out.

Yes that is true. BTW that is not a question it is a statement

The IMEI number is the serial number attached to your phone that shows what device you made calls from. Every phone has it's own IMEI number. It's usually located at the back around the battery. It's a big long number. Everytime you make a call on your phone, it leaves what's called a digital footprint on your account. This digital footprint can be pulled up to show which device you made a call from, like in a case where you had a billing dispute or something.

it means that the police are tracing your number in order to locate you/your phone by downloading a small software patch to you phone

The content of a phone bill varies a lot. Most will show calls made, with number date and time, as well as digital connections, with data used and date and time. Calls received and details about the data usage are not normally shown on your bill. For example, if you visit a particular website on your phone, it will not show as the name of the site. It will just show that you used so much data at a particular time.

Yes, you phone the number given on the live shows.

The number 42947 that shows on your phone bill appears to be from a mobile alert service. Customers are usually charged for receiving these texts.

It makes it so the number shows up as unavavible on the person youre calling's phone

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