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Some women's cervixes are low down and there is no medical cause for this. It can be a genetic cause. It's completely normal, as women's uteruses can be tipped in different positions. But your doctor will be able to examine you and tell you if he thinks further investigations need to be arranged.

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Q: What does it mean when your cervix is low down?
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Is surgery needed to repair a low cervix?

Surgery is needed to repair a low cervix if it extends down far enough. This reduces the risk of additional health problems.

Why is there blood on one side of your tampon but all the way down the cord?

It is likely that your cervix is sitting low so the tampon is sitting to the side of the cervix. Thus as the blood leaves the cervix it's only going down one side of the tampon, and when full on that side it's leaking.

What does it mean to have a small cervix?

it mean to have a small cervix is to know that we are virgin

What does the cervix is soft mean if dilated to a one?

Your baby is moving down the birth canal

What does it mean if your cervix is low and hard but you're not pregnant?

the vagina changes sometimes daily it could be hormones but be certain to have endomitriosis check. Rarely it can grow on the outside of uterus to cervix

What does bajo mean in spanish?

down or low

Do you lie down to check your cervix?

You can check your cervix in any position, as long as you can reach it of course. Some people prefer to lay down while checking their cervix as it's more comfortable, but it's easier to reach your cervix by squatting.

Where should the cervix be located two days before a period?

Your cervix should be low and firm. During ovulation with cervical musus the cervix is high and open and wet. After ovulation it is firm, low, and closed. If you are pregnant it will be high, soft, and closed.

How do you know if your cervix is too low?

Have sex with a black man

What does it mean when you can't feel your cervix?

The question here should really be when CAN you feel your cervix

What does dl mean on craigslist?

on the "Down Low"

What does dilation of the cervix mean?

It mean it's opening.

Early pregnancy what should the cervix be like?

for most women high and soft but some women already have a low lying cervix prior to falling pregnant. So High or Low & Soft.

What does cervix shortening mean?


Your cervix is swollen what does that mean?

i have cervicitis

What does it mean to have a soft cervix at 21 weeks?

A slight softening of the cervix can be normal, but a really soft cervix could be worrisome. It may mean that you have an incompetent cervix (one that will not support the weight of a growing baby), that your cervix is ripening early, or something else. DEFINITELY ask your doctor about it, and if you are not satisfied with the answer, get a second opinion.

Can anyone explain how carrying your baby low in your cervix increases your chance of a miscarriage.?

You need to ask the person who told you the baby was low in your cervix, they are the best person to tell you. If your cervix is 'weak' it may open and you may miscarry. I think what you may have though is placenta previa, where the egg has implanted close to the cervix. As your uterus grows it stretches near the cervix and the placenta does not stretch so it pulls away from the wall of the uterus.

What does the french word bas mean?

generally it means low or low down, but it can also mean a lady's stocking

What can happen if your embryo implants low in the uterus?

when an embryo is transplanted low in the uterus and has taken and growing the term used is 'carring low' there is possibility of miscarrige in cases of twins and/or if you have a weak cervix. There needs to be at least 2cm from fetus to cervix. check with a perinatalogist.

What does it mean when your cervix is closed in the front but open in the back?

If your cervix is closed in the front but open in the back, this might mean you are about to start your period. It could also mean that you are ovulating.

What does a soft cervix mean?

In non-pregnant women, the cervix is soft around the time of ovulation. In pregnant women, the cervix becomes soft in preparation for labor.

What does it mean when a doctor has diffulculty finding your cervix and your not even pregnant?

This means that you have a small cervix. Some girls do. All girls have a cervix. This is what the opening into the uterus is called.

When you were check the one who are attending the pap smear said that your cervix is very low?

The location of your cervix isn't an issue if it doesn't cause you any discomfort.

Do you dialate when on menstrual cycle?

You mean the cervix? No.

What does the medical abbreviation CX mean?