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It means you brushing needs to improve.

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Q: What does it mean when your dentist says your gums are flaffing off?
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When does it mean when your dentist says you need ceiling?

when the dentist says you need a ceiling that usually means you have a cavity and he need to fill it with cement.

I have a green spot on my gums?

It is actually a mouth ulser/gum boil. I suffer from these all the time. My dentist says Im prone to them. When I get them I usually use bonjela-this is a fast acting gel for mouth ulsers. I also use Corsodyl mouthwash. My dentist suggested I use it. And I also wash my mouth out with warm water and salt. Hope I helped you.

What is English for GaGa?

It means mama but the baby says it before their gums develop.

Should you believe what your dentist says?

Yes. Off course you should.

What does it mean when the dentist says C1?

The dentist is probably referring to the appropriate shade for a filling or crown. These restorations are typically matched to the shade of adjacent teeth or restorations. C1 simply designates a specific shade on a standardized shade guide.

What does the expression 'glue gums' mean?

The only time I ever heard it used was in the video game Driver 2, in which the lead character, Tanner, says: "He glued his gums a few weeks back with a Mauser."This insinuates that the person in question shot himself in the mouth with a rifle.

Can people with braces chew gum?

That is between the person and their dentist.

How do you treat mouth linea Alba buccalis?

Since your own website says it's normal--you don't treat it. My dentist says one needs it.

Is medical covers teeth braces?

yes they do. they only cover braces if your dentist says it is medically necessary.

What does she mean when she says that?

when she says what?

What does that's what she says mean?

when she says what?

What does it mean when a dentist says you have mf on your teeth?

MF is short for Mesial Facial, which are surfaces on your tooth. Mesial is the surface of your tooth that is on the side closest toward the center of your mouth. Facial is the surface of your tooth that touches your lips.

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