What does it mean when your ex asks his mom about you?


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He wants to know how you are doing and still loves you.


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If your ex asks you if you still like them, this might mean that they want to get back together. They may also just be asking to boost their own ego a bit.

Your ex obviously still has lingering feelings for you.

he wants to compare between him and your ex, and he might be checking on what you like in a guy or if you still are hung up on him.

that he is either messing with you to get on your nervs,he likes you,or he is into older ladys

It probably means that he wants you to know about it for some reason.

'Med' is a short term for medicine Ex: Mom! I can't find my med!

It could mean that he still likes her or that he just cares about her but not as if he loves her. Mostly when a guy asks though it means he still likes her.

this means that your mom thanks that you either made a mistake by leaving your ex or that this is your husdand and that's it faith that you guys will be together after while because you know mother knows best

It means that, if you are a girl and a guy asks you that he probably likes you. what does it mean when an ex-boyfriend asks about his old girlfriend to her friends? If he asks you what kind of things you care about and means people he usually wants to know who you like cause he probably likes you.

what do you mean what you should ask them just tell them how your feeling ex. fine , exellent, good, etc.

rogat is he asks (she asks / it asks).It can also regularly mean to ask for.benedictionem rogat he asks for a blessing.

Your ex is your ex for a reason and it is best to listen to your parents at this point. Leave your ex in the past and move on.

Go for it girl! Her mom is a mom to you The guy you like is asking you = no problems in his family = perfect relationship !!

All you need to get to your mom into your room is to tell her. If she asks why, just answer and say why you need her!

He obviously liked being friends and decided being in a relationship just didn't feel right

It probably means that she still loves you or likes you or she wants to know if you ever got over her because maybe she didn't.

'Ex' means the relationship is over so to tell your ex you have missed him he is curious to know if you still love him or not. Take it slow and easy and do not be so ready to commit yourself to him just yet. Keep him guessing.

* Your exes friend is worried about you telling your ex (now that you are back together again) about him/her flirting with you. He's afraid he has been disloyal to your ex as a good friend and he fears you might have told a girlfriend or two and it may get back to your ex.

Well, the boyfriend and you broke up not the mom and you.

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