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Maybe he just felt sorry for you.

Or maybe he still likes you.

Or maybe he was sad and he thought he'd feel better if he kissed you.

You can never know for sure.

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That depends entirely on how you feel about it...

He still accepts you as a friend with no hard feelings.

it means you are not over him and you should try and get him back. if you can.

It means hes not really ur friend. He just uses u to get to ur ex girlfriends.

It means that he obuslivly likes you more than he likes his new girlfriend.

It means that he's a drunk idiot, and it's good he's your ex. Don't linger on him: move on.

hugs and kissesHugs and kisses! Hugs and kisses!

Kisses or little kisses.

It would mean that he/she is drunk, high, or just still likes you. Or they're just plain confused. You'd have to ask that person yourself.

If your ex-bf kisses u on the could mean a few different things1.he wants u was a dareor3.he may want to be friends with u

Kisses - 2013 How to Get Your Ex Back 1-3 was released on: USA: 28 February 2013

say i love you and i want to be with you foreva

1. It is used in a letter to mean a kiss. It is often put at the end of a love letter, after the sender signs their name. It can be on the same line as the signature or underneath.xx means two kisses. xxx means three kisses, etc.2. When talking about a previous boyfriend or girlfriend, to speak of him or her as "my ex" means I used to go out with him or her, but I don't any more. It is short for "my ex-boyfriend" or "my ex-girlfriend."3. In marriage, 'my ex' is short for 'my ex-wife' or "my ex-husband" and means my previous or former marriage partner, the one that I was married to, but now we are divorced.

It means alot of kisses. Plenty of kisses

Kisses, or some kisses, depending on context.

Talk to you later kisses hugs kisses

When a boy kisses you on the forehead in a relationship it means he adores you.

hugs and kisses (love you lots) X = the Kisses, and O = the Hugs.

"tendres baisers" means "tender kisses / soft kisses"

'Beijos' is portuguese for kisses. 'Beijinhos' would be for little kisses.

Two kisses on a cheek can be a sign of affection. Two kisses can also be a way of greeting another person.

Well.. They're Are Two Ways.. The "Newbish" Way; To Click On The Other Avatar And Select And Action Or The More... Appropriate Way.. To Say It With "-" Ex: -Kisses You-