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What does it mean when your guinea pig clicks?


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ussaly when your guinea pig clicks its becase somethings wrong or they want to be picked up

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when a guinea pig clicks their teeth or their teeth start to chatter, that means that whatever you are doing or they are by they DO NOT LIKE. when they click their teeth they are trying to warn you to stay away because they are going to bite or be aggresive. you can go to the website for more information!

If you mean guinea pig, then yes, a guinea pig is a type of rodent.

It means the guinea pig feels happy.

It means guinea pig. No different meaning.

Does cloudy eyes mean that the guinea pig is sick?

Your guinea pig is talking to itself!! You can message me with any other guinea pig questions!! :)

there playinghe can want more room if the other guinea pig is invading his space

If your guinea pig is oinking, it is trying to get your attention or is hungry.

If your guinea pig bites at you it is probably upset or hungry.

By bad guinea pig do you mean it bites? A guinea pig will only bite if it feels threatened, scared or hurt.

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it means that they are lonely and they need a friend (another guinea pig)

When a guinea pig makes a noise it is trying to tell us or another guinea pig something. It also does mean when it is excited.

It means that the Guinea Pig is very fond of you and they are very comfortable around you.

It wants to move to china No it means that you guinea pig wantss you to stop that

it means your guinea pig is unhappy. try playing with it and giving it treats.

you mean girl guinea pig? Right?!? Because if not, at LEAST two weeks.

It means that your guinea pig is either exited or nervous. That's what happened to my guinea pig (I'm nine years old!!!)

It means your guinea pig is a boy, and that is not his behind, if you get my drift. Same with hamsters.

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