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i believe it does that when its hungry or when it wants you around it so its secure because whenever my guinea oig does that i either feed it or cuddle it

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Q: What does it mean when a guinea pig makes a loud noise?
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What does it mean when your guinea pig makes a vibrating noise for a long while?

This can mean that the guinea pig was frightened from something loud, like a dog bark or telephone ring.

What does it mean when a guinea pig makes a noise when you pick it up?

its normal

What does coguis mean?

A type of frog in Hawaii that makes a loud noise to attract a mate, (coquis frog), and the noise it makes is "ko-KEE"!

What does it mean when a Tahoe car window makes a loud screaching noise?

You need to wash it.

What does squeal mean?

It means to make a noise that a Guinea pig makes. Or even more, the noise that a pig pig makes.

What does a purring noise mean in a guinea pig language?

This means a guinea pig is experiencing pleasure, enjoyment, or excitement. You will hear this noise when you pet your guinea pig or feeding it a treat. If you hear this noise suddenly when you are not petting your guinea pig it is afraid or it feels threatened. They purr if they hear a loud noise: a telephone ring or a knock on the door.

What does yammered mean?

Loud and sustained or repetitive noise.

What does lamprophony mean?

Loud noise

What is it mean when your 2006 VW Jetta makes a loud grinding noise?

We would need to know where the noise was coming from and under what conditions it made the noise in order to make an assessment.

Three letter word meaning loud noise?

it is a three letter word meaning loud noise. the change one letter. from bin to the next to mean loud noise

What does it mean when a Blazer overheats and makes a loud pop noise?

most lilkely blew a radiator hose or cap seal

What does it mean when a pregnant Guinea Pig makes the labor noise only 5 or 6 times and then stops?

It means that she will have them i about an hour