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You could have an ovarian cyst. THese are very painful, especially if they rupture. Please, make haste and get to the doctor's office and let them do an ultrasound to have a look and see what's going on. Your health is important.

Ovaries are deep in the pelvis and cannot be felt unless they are extremely large. It is possible you are consttipated.

Whatever it is you need to see adoctor.

I would recommend seeking a doctor if the pain doesn't go away after 2 days, it could very well be an ovarian cyst, or your ovaries could be severely swollen, and you need to go get checked out.

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Q: What does it mean when your left ovary is really hard and swollen and it hurts sometimes?
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What is the ovary in a flower?

An ovary is the swollen basal part of the pistil. what are the basic of the ovary

What is an enlarged ovary in plants?

The swollen ovary in plants is called the fruit.

What is the swollen base of the pistil?

The ovary.

Swollen base of pistil?

it is the ovary

What is the swollen base of a pistil?


Swollen part of that rest on the receptacle?

The answer is ovary

What are the swollen part of a pistil called?

The Ovary

In a flower what is the the part that develops into the fruits?

the swollen ovary

Is a apple a ovule?

No, the fruit of an apple is a swollen ovary.

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What do we call a swollen plant ovary and it's seed?

a fruit

When an ovary matures it develops into what?

An ovary. That's it, they don't change.ANS2:...Unless the ovary happens to be the flower part of an apple tree, in which case the matured and swollen ovary becomes the apple.

Is a tomato a botanical fruit?

yes, it is a swollen ovary and contains seeds

When you go to the bathroom and push to poop it hurts excruciatingly bad on your right lower side where your ovary is Can this be Ovarian Cancer?

Its not cancer. mine hurts when i push everywhere. try laying down and pushing on your stomach, ovary,and lower abdemin whence your better. if it hurts then you have an infection

How is a seed formed?

Seed is made from the swollen outer casing of the ovary, like as an apple.

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it is the fruit containing the seeds and is formed from the swollen ovary of the plant

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The seed but not really the seed develops in the ovary the ovary stays the ovary throughout the plants life

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The cucumber is a fruit and is the swollen ovary of the flower containing the seeds

The swollen base of pistil where ovules form?

Its The Ovary. Go Read Your Text Book :l

Part of the flower that develops into a seed when fertilized?

the fertilised ovule develops into the seed and the swollen ovary into the fruit

Do both ovaries release eggs every month or only one?

Sometimes one, sometimes the other and sometimes both. If one ovary is removed the other ovary will produce an egg every cycle.

Is eggplant a fruit?

Eggplant is most definitely a fruit. It is the swollen ovary of the flower and contains the seeds of the plant for reproduction.

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The fertilized ovule becomes the seed and its opposite swollen ovule becomes the fruit

Is the ovary divided into parts if so how many?

sometimes ovary is divided into two parts that is how we obtain similar twins

What causes ovaries to swell?

There are a variety of causes for swollen ovaries. It could be anything from an ovarian disease, a cyst or cancer. The only way to be sure it to visit your doctor and have the appropriate tests done. I can tell you from experience, I have a right swollen ovary that is soon to be removed because of a progressive complex mass on that ovary that I have had since 2008.