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Head bobbing is a sign of dominance for a bearded dragon. It is common to see male beardies head bob and less common amongst females as they are usually a little more relaxed.

It is perfectly normal so nothing to worry about.

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It's showing it's dominance. When they wave their arm they are being submissive

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Q: What does it mean when your male bearded dragon bobs his head up and down?
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Your bearded dragon keeps waving?

There are 2 types of bearded dragons. Submissive dragons and dominant dragons. When your BD waves it's arm it's being submissive. When it bobs it's head up and down it's being dominant.

Why is your male bearded dragon shaking his head up and down to your female bearded dragon and why is your female bearded dragon waving back to your male bearded dragon?

Because their getting comfortable before they feel they can mate, they mght ater mating to kill akwardness{THEIR HORNY} The male doing the head bobbing is showing that he is the dominant one and the female doing the arm waving is showing she is the submissive one. Sometimes these rolls are reversed as well.

What does it mean when your bearded dragon bobs his head?

When normally a male bearded dragon bobs it's head up and down, it's telling you that it's the boss or that it's in charge of everything. Sometimes bearded dragons bob their head when they are annoyed! Head bobbing can be seen in females as well; this will be a much slower motion, more exaggerated motion and is a sign of submission to a dominant male.

How lagre do the bearded dragon gets?

2 feet long from head to tail.

Why does my female bearded dragon biting female bearded dragon?

are you sure its your female biting your other female? because males bite the the back of the females head when there trying to mate.

Can bearded dragons understand commands?

It depends what you mean by 'like a bearded dragon' Depending on the circumstances, Bearded Dragons communicate with their peers by head-bobbing, and arm waving. If you mean can a human communicate with a bearded dragon, then the answer is no !

Why would a bearded dragon put his head in water and open mouth?

Perhaps he was getting a drink.

What keeps a bearded dragon safe?

If you mean what protects it in the wild then it's the spikes around the head, neck and down their sides. These spikes get hard and sharp when they feel threatened or scared.

What do i do my bearded dragon's head turned a yellowish color?

it could be in sheed, as they grow there coloration can change

What is the appearance of a bearded dragon?

A spikey throat and head, and the tail should have fat pockets (NOT TO FAT!) Hope i helped

Can a cricket be too big for a bearded dragon to eat?

yes, if the cricket is longer than the widest part of the lizard's head

How big does a bearded dragon need to be to eat a pinky?

If the bearded dragon is an adult it should probably eat large pinkies.But if it is a young bearded dragon it should probably eat small or medium pinkies...Im 13 years old and my science teacher has 2 bearded dragon and i dont know alot about them but they can eat pinkies that are at least as big as his or her head...