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Cheating is an intimate relationship with a person other than your partner or spouse.

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Most likely , he's cheating himself .

If he accuses you cheating on him that's a sign of cheating. Or he don't want to have sex with you is another

cheating is when you do the thing that you do with you babe or mate with another person

Answerbreak up with him because if you have feeling its 99.9% true that he is

* No, this does not mean that your mate is cheating because they are implying you are. If you are not cheating then they may have had a past experience (even one parent cheating on another) and they fear you are cheating. Some mates can be extremely jealous of the opposite sex coming anywhere near their partner and both reasons given is due to insecurity. Communication is the most important thing you will ever have in your relationship so the both of you should sit down and you should bluntly ask your mate that you feel they are implying you are cheating and why. If your relationship is mature then it will survive.

No it is not cheating as long as you were not talking to your ex as if you two were going out. Also you need to tell your boyfriend that you were talking to your ex because how can he rust you if you tell him lies and if he cant trust you that will lead into a breakup

if your mate is cheating then he or she oviously dosent love you that much because they can bed some one whitch isn't really love is it

If you are not cheating and your significant other accuses you of it then possibly they do not trustyou. Although there is usually a reason for this. First tell them without getting upset or too defensive that you have not cheated on them. Then you should ask why they think you are? Then explain the best you can while being honest fully. If you are not honest then it might come back to bite you because if you lied about your reason then you might have lied about cheating. Be careful some people have trust issues and don't mean any harm by their fears.

stop cheating on him? - well maybe you are doing something that you are unaware of but your husband senses other things , that leads up too you cheating on him.

She accuses you of cheatingShe consistently comes home lateShe's constantly checking her phoneIncreased or decreased sex driveSignificant changes in patterns of behaviour

Depends on your mate. Will he condone it? Cheating is dependent upon whether your mate condone your actions or not. If your mate is ok with relationships outside of the one you and he has, then its not cheating. If he does not...well then it is cheating. How he/she treated you is really irrelevant to infidelity.

'Ex' means the relationship is over and both of you were free to date anyone you chose. He accused you of cheating so it was possible he was cheating himself or, he may have been hurt previously by another girlfriend who cheated on him. A person who accuses their mate of cheating when that mate really isn't cheating and there is no proof shows that the accuser is immature; jealous and controlling or they are trying to hide from their own cheating habits. A good relationship is based on trust; loyalty and good communication skills so it would be to your best interest to keep going and leave this ex behind or you will only encourage more problems from him.

You just answered your own question. Either he's cheating, or he's annoyed by you. Sit down and have a rational conversation with him, or dump him. Those are really your only options.

* It just means it's a dream. It's not uncommon for either partner to dream about cheating on their mate. Everyone has fantasy's. It's not enough to worry about, unless you have had thoughts about cheating for real on your husband. Then that could constitute a guilty conscience.

Mostly whenever a man just ups and accuses his girlfriend or wife of cheating without talking to them first is because they either heard something about you, doesn't trust you,or is cheating themselves.

It means that they are no longer interested in you. They have moved over to someone else they find more attractive.

Being accused of cheating will not actually cause someone to cheat. Being accused of cheating may allow someone to justify cheating... in other words they might think, "Well, ___ thinks I'm cheating anyway. I might as well do it." However, we are each responsible for our own choices at the end of the day. If someone cheats, only they are responsible for their decisions.

"With who? Why would i wanna be with anybody else than you right now anyways?" "Why would you ask me that? How do I know you're not cheating on me!" Ask your parents or friends for help. Get more answers from Wiki...

If an individual has proof their mate is cheating then they should always confront their cheating partner, but have proof. When someone who cheats knows it's wrong (and it is) and confesses to their partner they did cheat then that person deserves another chance, but when you have to catch the mate who is cheating they will most likely cheat again and it's time for you to move on.

Yes and if he isnt then he's thinking about doing it or he's cheating emotionally

If one thinks of a certain person with an obsession then in ways it's cheating because you are not being honest with your mate. If you see a nice looking person at a party or an event you are at and fantasize about that person then it is not cheating and normal as long as it's look and don't touch.It's still cheating because if you're truly loyal to your mate then you shouldn't have ANY thoughts about another other than your mate.

No that is wreckless jealousy. If that doesn't stop the marriage will not last, if she does not trust you she shoul dnot have married you. Tell her that everytime she accuses you of cheating that you are going to cheat two times.