Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo, is an American singer and actress married to Marc Anthony.

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Jennifer Lopez

How often does Jennifer Lopez speak spanish?

Only when she has to...usually when she is around her husband

Jennifer Lopez

Is Jennifer Lopez Puerto Rican or Mexican?

Jenifer Lopez is Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. She was born in the United States but both of her parents are Puerto Rican, born in Puerto Rico and of Puerto Rican ancestry. Not everyone knows that everyone in Puerto Rico is American because of an agreement that made it a U.S. Territory/Commonwealth. Puerto Ricans get automatic U.S. citizenship.

Jennifer Lopez

Did Jennifer Lopez have any obstacles in life?

yes. she had an std when she was only 4 years old. Then, her lips exploded when she was traveling in Cancewn, and she had to take parts of her vagina, and glue them on her face. She also has emotional trauma, from being seduced by a hobo when she was only a meer young girl. LOL

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Jennifer Lopez

Where are Jennifer Lopez's parents originally from?

Jennifer Lopez parents are from Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Jennifer Lopez

How much does Jennifer Lopez measure?

Jeniffer Lopez weighs about weighs about 125 lbs

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Jennifer Lopez

What early music video shows Jennifer Lopez flamenco dancing at an outdoor picnic?

ain't it funny

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Jennifer Lopez

Is Jennifer Lopez related to George Lopez?

No, Jennifer Lopez and George Lopez are not related. Lopez is a very common name surname in the Spanish language.
No. Just because they have the last name doesn't mean they are related. There may be a super slim chance though of them being related

George Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Are Jennifer Lopez and George Lopez related?

No. Lopez is a common name. Jennifer Lopez is Puerto Rican and George Lopez is Mexican.

Jennifer Lopez

Does Jennifer Lopez's kids speak Spanish?

no they dont maby a little

Jennifer Lopez

What did Jennifer Lopez do to become important?

she gave money to the poor

Jennifer Lopez

When is Jennifer Lopez going to have her baby?


Jennifer Lopez

Is Jennifer Lopez pregnant?

no she was. She had twins

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Jennifer Lopez

How old is Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez is 47 years old (birthdate: July 24, 1969).

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Jennifer Lopez

What is Jennifer Lopez's fan mail address?

No fan contact information is known at present

reveal private addresses, telephone numbers or emails of any individual.

Jennifer Lopez

Where those Jennifer Lopez come from?

She comes from Bronx, NY.

Jennifer Lopez
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What size does Jennifer Lopez wear?

Size 10 - inside kinowledge.

Jennifer Lopez

Where was Jennifer Lopez's parents born?

in san diego

Jennifer Lopez

What jobs did Jennifer Lopez have before she was famous?

she was a dancer

Jennifer Lopez

How many songs does Jennifer Lopez have?


Jennifer Lopez

Are Jennifer Lopez and Mario Lopez related?

Correct AnswersNo.

Lopez is a very much common name. Puerto Rican is Jennifer Lopez, and Mexican is Mario Lopez.

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Jennifer Lopez
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Who is J-Lo dating?

Jennifer Lopez is married to Marc Anthoney. They also have twins, Max and Emma.

Jennifer Lopez

What did Jennifer Lopez learn in high school?

The same thing anyone else does: reading, writing, arithmetic, etc. Celebrities don't go to magic schools where they learn special things

Jennifer Lopez

How many times has Jennifer Lopez been married?


Adolf Hitler
Jennifer Lopez

Is Jennifer Lopez a left handed or right?

Jennifer Lopez is left handed

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Jennifer Lopez

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