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What does it mean when your ouija board spells Cain Abel?



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Well, my scripture teacher taught us about these 2 boys named cain and abel who were sons of adam and eve or something. they both worked on a farm, able sorted out plants and stuff, while cain sorted out animals. Then i cant remember what else she said after that but then she said they made a sacrifice for god, cain gave god some meat from an animal he killed and abel gave him a plant he had grown. god dint like what cain gave him but liked what abel gave him. cain was angry for trying and got so angry at his brothers gift being liked, that he killed abel. god asked cain where his brother was and cain said idk im not my brothers keeper. then god already knew where abel was and punished cain (i cant remember how since im only 12!) and thats all the info i can give u...hope it helps oh btw im gessing when it sed cain and abel maybe ur either gonna get killed by your bro or sister or your gonna kill your bro or sister...or something! otherwise idk y else ur board wood of sed this...