What does it mean when your panties constantly get wet because of discharge?


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Idk how much discharge you are talking about but, its normal for females to have clear discharge. if its white, yellow, or green then you should get that checked.


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It means your vagina has discharged onto the panties and the discharge is acidic (which is normal). The acidic discharge dissolves the die in the crotch area giving it an appearance similar to what it would look like after putting bleach on it. If you continue wearing these panties and it discharges more, it can actually eat holes into the panties. No moths, just a discharging vagina.

Brown isn't bad; it is just leftover from your period...

No not necessarily - woman tend to get stains in their underwear from vaginal discharge that naturally occurs which in turn causes stains or the cause from their menstruation.

No, because permanently is "always" and constantly is "again and again" but constantly does not mean permanently

It usually refers to women's underwear.

It doesn't mean anything, she's just wearing some panties.

well if you start getting sticky, think discharge...it may mean you are about to start your period! better hurry and buy some tampons! or pads...wat evz :)) every woman gets this so dont feel weird or uncomfortable :))) its all kewl

AnswerNo it is not normal. You could have a yeast or bacterial infection or if you are sexualy active (even if you use condoms) you could have a STD. You should make a appointment with your local health department or your private doctor.no what does it mean if you only have yellow discharge?

Well .. first of all you don't wear panties. If you mean getting them for someone else.. just buy them .

the dark red spots in panties are the periods (the monthly bleeding from a women's womb)

do you mean constantly? Because constanly is not a word. Constantly means- not changing or varying; uniform; regular; invariable: All conditions during the three experiments were constant.

yes it can mean your pregnant if the discharge is white and stretchy-

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but men's bodies are shaped very different on the rear end, panties probably wouldn't look very sexy. This doesn't mean a man can't wear them, if that is what he likes. Most women would agree, that boxer shorts are much more sexier than panties, especially on a man.Other answer: Panties are not made for men because the crouch area is different, there is a reason why the testicles stay outside so they can be cool, a cool environment is needed for sperm production and panties force them close to the body and this kills many sperm from the heat.

most likely it's a yeast infection just because there is no discharge does not mean anything.

rights and duties of a contract is discharge of a contract

Sometimes it is just from the food she eats but it could also means her hormones are really kicking in, and if she's not too young she could be coming close to the point of starting her menstrual cycle.

It means that inside her panties there is a hoof.

Because if you do you can blackmail him into doing whatever you want him to, this could mean making him wear your clothes more often.

Guaiac-positive discharge means that there was blood in the discharge. This test may be used for breast discharge.

A white pus discharge from any nipple in a man is very serious because it could be a tumor. The discharge may not be pus and could be normal discharge if from a woman. Although, if it is pus, it could be a sign of breast cancer.

Your constantly thinking about this guy.

Brown discharge is old blood that the body is shedding.

I think it means pee alot and discharge your bladder

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