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It means that your turned on, horny in other words. And you in the mood for sex. It also may appear that you want to rub your vaginal area up against something, which is called masturbating. It can also mean you need to stick your finger up there to make it feel better. Its called fingering yourself.

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How do you know your vagina is wet?

You feel this sexy feeling in your vagina and it feels warm in the inside & it is actually kind of wet and sloppy

What feels if your penis is inside the vagina of a virgin?

It feels so warm and wet, like an oven, it feels sooo good!

What does the term wet wet mean?

It is simply the wet wet of a womans vagina.

What does a man feel while inside a vagina?

wet and hot...feels like melting inside

What does it mean if your vagina gets wet?

if your vagina gets wet it means: a) you have pissed yourself b) you have had a period c) you have got discharge

What does keep it wet mean like on those bracelets?

On the bracelets "keep it wet"mean keep your vagina wet. Keep it juicy .

What does it feel like to eat vagina?

It feels like licking wet lips. Tastes like tuna.

How does a vagina feel when its wet?

Like a wet vagina

What does it feel when someone licks your vagina?

Generally, it feels good but not everybody feels this way. It depends on the technique and people involved. If you do a 3-60 its even nicer. You can simulate it by getting a wet towel and stroking your vagina with it.

When a girl is really wet does it mean she is pregnant?

No, a woman's vagina is always wet/moist due to discharge which keeps it healthy and clean. The vagina get more wet when she's aroused.

Is wet vagina a reason for sexual urge in women?

Of Course , the glands produce wetness when a woman feels the need of sexual intercouse !

What does it mean when your vagina gets wet from sex?

When aroused, a woman's vagina and the surrounding area will become moist with a natural lubricant.

What does it mean if a girl likes to touch her vagina?

She probably wants to get wet or masturbate

What does it mean if the air is saturated?

It means the air feels moist or wet.

If girls vagina is not wet does it mean she is pregnant?

not really its probably because she not horny and when a girl does get roused up her cliteris is hard just the same way as a boy's penis is hard and then juices start to flow in her vagina and then her vagina is wet.

What does getting wet mean?

It's when a girl is sexually aroused or "horny" and her vagina starts secreting fluids that make her "wet".

What does it mean when your always wet?

its when girls vagina relises discharge and it becomes wet ... your up up sex (all the time )

How do you know when a girl is wet?

her vagina will be wet

What does a horse vagin a feel like?

Now, I'm no horse vagina specialist, and I'm assuming by vagin, you mean vagina, but I'm guessing it feels like a vagina.

What is the medical term meaning wet vagina?

There is no medical term meaning wet vagina. A vagina is normally moist or wet, so no special term is used to indicate that state.

How does it feel when a guy put his dick in your vagina......... Does it hurt?

Depends if your "area is wet" and if he goes to hard it hurts.... but other than that it feels great

What does it mean if a dog licks your vagina?

You should not let a dog lick your vagina.

Why does your vagina get too wet during sex?

The vagina crats a natural lubricant juring sex if you dont get wet or her wet the the man is not doing his job

What does rain feel like?

It feels wet, it feels like sorta a shower.. but it's wet.

What food feels most like vagina?

the food that feels most like a vagina is bred and buttern trust!

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