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It is simply the wet wet of a womans vagina.

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a mix of marijuana and pcp to form a liquid substance, that you can inject and or smoke. You smoke the cigar after you dip it in the liquid mix of PCP and marijuana

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Q: What does the term wet wet mean?
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What do get wet mean in a sex term?

When you are sexually excited lubricating juices have overflowed , and sometimes even sperm could flow out.

What does the term rich blood mean?

rich blood is self explanatory. everyday i wet the bed and stool

What does it mean to have a child in wet lock?

The term "wedlock" means being married. If you have a baby in wedlock, it means you had a baby while married.

What does it mean when you say your wet?

It means that your wet.

Your coochie is constantly wet what does it mean?

What dose it mean when your coochie get wet constantly

What does keep it wet mean like on those bracelets?

On the bracelets "keep it wet"mean keep your vagina wet. Keep it juicy .

What is the medical term meaning vaginal dryness?

There is no medical term meaning wet vagina. A vagina is normally moist or wet, so no special term is used to indicate that state.

What does wet hairstyling mean?

getting your haircut while its wet

If a boy is going to give you a wet one what does that mean?

When a girl is aroused sexually her vagina will secrete vaginal fluids. The purpose of this is to lubricate the vagina in preparation for vaginal sexual intercourse. The term "wet" in reference to girls and guys is referring to this process.

What are the catchwords that start with wet?

I believe you mean catchphrases, not catchwords. Some catchphrases that begin with wet are wetback, wet bar, wet blanket, wet dream, wet noodle, wet nurse, and wet suit.

Does a guy get wet?

if by wet you mean a boner then yes yes he does

What does wet sign mean?

A wet sign is used to warn people of wet surfaces. This sign can be used to signal wet paint, wet cement, or wet glue or adhesive.