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A yellow apple is a yellow snap apple. Snap Apples are only for members because you buy Snap Apple seeds from the Super Seeds Shop in the Port.

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How do you get the rabbit on moshi monsters?

If you mean Honey the fluffie she is a yellow love berrie a blue snap apple and purple magic i dont have her im using moshi mash up for this answer add me im sparkle27439!

How do you get moshi monsters ogglies?

if you mean oddie then here it is yellow star black star yellow love

How do you get the dragon moshlin on Moshi Monsters?

you mean burnie hes red apple+red apple+blue daisy

What is a cute name for an apple in moshi monsters?

there is no apple u might mean luvli a cute name for a luvli is lovely

How do you get black apple seed on moshi monsters?

I you mean the snap apple.. you must be a member and it will grow into a black one once you grow it.

What does the yellow sign with an M on it mean that's on the zoo door on Moshi Monsters?

The yellow sign with an M on it on the Moshling Zoo door and other places on Moshi Monsters means that place is only available to paid Moshi Members. Free Basic Members do not have access to anything that has that symbol on it.

What does owner name mean on Moshi Monsters?

The 'Owner Name' is the name of the owner of the Moshi Monsters monsters. When you sign up for a Moshi Monsters account, you choose an 'Owner Name' and that is the name you use to Sign In to Moshi Monsters.

What does it mean if you sign up on Moshi Monsters?

To 'sign up' for Moshi Monsters means you register to become a member of Moshi Monsters. Once you register and activate your membership, you can play on the Moshi Monsters web site.

How do you get Cari the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

There is no Cari moshling on Moshi Monsters. If you mean Cali: 072 Cali the Valley Mermaid [Fishie] Blue Love Berries, any Magic Bean, Yellow Love Berries

What is red apple on moshi monsters?

If you mean red snap apple then I can tell you.... It is a seed called snap apple they can come red or blue or green or pink ,but only members can get them at the port .

What is that game where you decapitate monsters?

if you mean adopt monsters it is called Moshi Monsters

What does CLONC on Moshi Monsters mean?

C.L.O.N.C stands for Criminal League of Naughty Critters on Moshi Monsters.

What is a dashboard on Moshi Monsters?

There isn't a dashboard as such on Moshi Monsters. You could mean the My Account page where you manage all your settings. There's a link to this page at the bottom of the Moshi Monsters website.

How do you get the mystery moshling on moshi monsters?

you will have to get blue moon, red apple, and purple magic bean. thanks! What exactly do you mean by 'The mystery moshling'?

What does it mean when moshi monsters doesn't load?

You should close the Moshi Monsters website completely, and then your web browser, and launch the Moshi Monsters website again to see whether this fixes the issue.

Where do you find your inbox in Moshi Monsters?

You do not have an inbox on Moshi Monsters. When instructions tell you to check your email inbox, they mean the email inbox for the email address you used when registering for Moshi Monsters.Messages from Moshi Monsters friends can be found on your Pinboard, located in the upper left corner of your monsters room.

Can you send your moshi pasport on Moshi Monsters?

If you mean to other players, no, you cant. Your moshi passport is yours.

How do approve your Email for your Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters does not provide email. Members use the Pin Board to communicate. When Moshi Monsters talks about an email, they mean the email address you used to sign up for your Moshi Monsters account. It may be your parent's email address.

How do you get nutty on moshi monsters?

Sorry, but there is no moshling called nutty.If you mean McNulty, his seed code is: Purple star blossom, any snap apple, any snap apple.Hope this helped!

How do you get ollie on moshi monsters?

I think you mean Oddie the doughnut. You need a yellow star, black star and purple star. Add me. My name is muffinrawrsx3.

In Moshi Monsters how do you get animals if you are not a member?

If you mean moshlings you plant seeds in your Moshling Garden. If you have a free membership, there are only certain moshlings you can get on Moshi Monsters. If you mean monsters, you can only have one monster on your account, the monster you chose when you signed up for your Moshi Monster account.

What does monster n mean on moshi monsters?

It means your ranking you are in Moshi Monsters, it goes by the alphabet. If your mon-STAR is an "A" then you are really famous on Moshi Montsers and if yours is a "Z" you pretty low and unknown on Moshi Monsters. But since you are at "N" you are doing pretty well.

What can you get with a apply snap moshi monsters?

Hahahahha, don't you mean Snap Apple? Well, here are some moshlings you can get with the Snap Apple: Coolio (ice cream) Mini Ben (Ben the clock (london)

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