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To be a cake decorator you have to believe in yourself first, then take everything a step at a time. First, think of if this choice is really what you want to do. Second, check out cake decorating shops. Maybe they can help you. And third, go to some classes for cakes/baking. They are a lot of fun. All you have to do is believe in yourself and you will make it really far.

A cake decorator also spends much of the day on their feet. In and out of coolers, freezers and near ovens. Hauling large buckets of icing. Dealing with customers face to face and on the phone. There is often a customer trying to find fault with your product, in an attempt to get a discount. Working in a shop, decorating, there are often pressures to complete so many cakes in a shift. Wear an apron, for at the end of the shift, the apron will have many colors from icing upon it.

Helpful qualifications maybe Biology, home Economics, baking, and definitely business subjects. You may be able to create cake masterpieces, but if you don't have some business training, you won't be able to make any money to support yourself.

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Q: What does it take to be a cake designer?
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What do you call a cake designer?

They are called a cake designer or maybe a sugar artist.

What is the benefits of a wedding cake designer?

They can help you design your own cake.

What does a cake designer do?

Design cakes.

What are some factors that could affect your earnings as a cake designer?

you will have alot of cake earings

How much money does a cake designer make?

Cake decorators usually make 75k every year.

How much dos a cake designer make?

154,000 a year.

Where did Chester Bennington get his Breaking Benjamin birthday cake?

No idea so im going to say a cake shop or personally made for him by a cake designer.

How many years of college do you have to have to be a cake designer?

about 2 to 4 years

What type of designers make more money?

a wedding cake designer

How much dos a cake designer make a year?

about 5-35

What education is needed to become a wedding cake designer and creator?

Go to a cake decorating class by wilton held in many craft shops. Or, become a pastry chef and study the art in a culinary school. Robyn Self -taught cake designer The Cakery Bangor, Maine

What degrees do you need to be a cake designer?

there isn't really a specific degree need to become a cake designer. you would just need to take some basic decorating courses. you would need to know how to fill, frost, use the different tips, how to use fondant and gum-paste. its just the matter of finding the right school. :D

What is the duration of Take the Cake?

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How long do you have to be in college to be a cake designer?

No college is required to become a cake designer. One might attend vocational school and specialize in commercial baking, or simply find a job in a bakery where one could learn to design and decorate cakes.

Is it takes the cake or take the cake?

that takes the cake is the expression I believe

How many years of college for wedding cake designer?

This field does not require a college degree.

What kind of schooling does a Cake designer?

Different schooling can be taken by tose interested in becoming cake designers or cake decorators. Almost all professionals in that field will go to school or take classes that involve baking and decorating. Many will also work as interns, or learn from professionals as part of ther schooling programs.

When was Take the Cake created?

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What is the average salary you will make by being a wedding cake designer?

Well the average salary for a wedding cake designer varies. Depending on the populatity of your buisiness. So the yearly salary is from 10,000-30,000 a year. Thanx for reading Aj S. 13. =]

Is there a way to find a cake decorater who can decorate a cake by looking at a photo?

You can simply bring that photo to a cake designer at a bakery and ask them if they do custom cakes. If they do, you can show them the picture and ask them if they can make a cake that is extremely similar to the one in the photo, or a likeness of it.

What careers do a fashion designer have to take?

A fashion designer should take art classes and marketing classes.

What are Positive aspects of being a cake designer?

accordingly it improves the 1. creativity 2.aesthetics

What does it take to become a wedding cake designer?

The skills I look for in a wedding cake designer start with flair and imagination. To design someones perfect cake, be it for a wedding or other occasion, you have to be able to imagine it, to be passionate about cakes!Office skills, such as word processing, social media skills, etc. are also required.In my company, I also look for graphic design / skills to be able to sketch your idea, and a high level of organisation, to be able to manage all of your customers.

Why does your cake shrink after you take it out of the oven?

Because your cake has air in it.

How many hours does it take to make a cake?

To mix and bake a simple cake, it will take less than an hour. If you are decorating or making a more elaborate cake, it will then take longer than that.