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No state in the US has any educational requirements for working as a veterinary ASSISTANT. This is an entry level-position in a veterinary facility and training is generally done on the job. Because most training is done on the job it is often very cursory and lacks the depth and breadth of a formal education. Veterinary assistants are generally taught the basic how-to but not the why or when you would do something different. They tend to do basic tasks such as animal restraint, basic care and sanitation, assist in patient monitoring, prepare instruments for use in surgeries or daily treatments, they may give medication as prescribed by the veterinarian, collect biological samples and perform basic diagnostic tests like reading fecals. Veterinary assistants are generally not the equivalent of a formally educated veterinary technician.

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2013-11-12 17:58:26
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Q: What does it take to become a veterinary assistant?
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How many years of college do you have to take to become a veterinary assistant?

You can go to Pima Medical Institute and get a certificate for Veterinary Assistant in 30-34 weeks

How long is the training to become a veterinary assistant?

While it does not take as long as the five years of veterinary school, it does still take three years of intense work.

What age can you become a veterinary assistant?

21. Seconds.

How long do you have to go to college to become a vet assistant?

You do not have to attend college to become a veterinary assistant. Veterinary assisting is an entry level position and no state requires any special education or training for veterinary assistants.

What are the education and certification requirements to become a Veterinary Assistant in Montana?

following the inforamtion will provide you th requirement for the veterinary assistant. you can visit on

What skills will you need to become a veterinary assistant?

The position of veterinary assistant is an entry-level position for veterinary staff and there are no required skills or education. However, experience with animals is highly valued.

What certifications are needed to become a veterinary assistant?

Veterinary assisting is an entry-level position with no legal requirements for education or credentialing. There are veterinary assistant certification programs, but these are voluntary and of variable benefit.

What kind of training do I need to become a veterinary assistant?

Choosing a career as a veterinary technician means caring for all kinds ... Learn what you need to do to become a certified veterinary technician. ... Veterinary Tech Training Information Find out how to choose the right ... Learn about getting into the field as a veterinary assistant and the duties they perform. ...

What education or training do you need to become a veterinarian assistant?

You should take some biology, chemistry, zoology or veterinary medicine

How long will it take to be an assistant veterinary?

Depends on how good you are in the sack....

What should you study in college to become a veterinary assistant?

In the United States, you are not required to take any college classes to be a veterinary ASSISTANT - this is a lay position that does not have any formal training requirements. There are many college degrees to become a veterinary TECHNICIAN, which is what I would recommend you pursue if this is your dream. Veterinary technicians are typically paid better than veterinary assistants, and they have more responsibilities and duties than a veterinary assistant does. However, if you want to learn more to be a better veterinary assistant, I would suggest taking courses related to biology - zoology, botany, microbiology, etc. Some chemistry classes would be helpful too.

What is a veterinary assistant required clothing?

what does a veterinary assistant usually wear?

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