What does it take to get into Harvard Business School?

Harvard? Are you joking?

Good question. The class valedictorian of Frontier High School class of 2007, didn't get in and he had a perfect SAT score, he was half Asian in nationality, and had a record of extensive community service. I believe Harvard has become a "good ole boys club" and you get in through networking and knowing rich people in powerful places. Unfortunately, the Ivy Leagues are now almost impossible for "average Joe" to gain admittance to even with a solid high school academic record. You have to be a relative of George Bush to get in. Another sign of our nation turning into a society of "haves" and "have mores."

Hes right. Not really about George bush but my best friends dad is the interviewer for Harvard business school so he gave me and his son acceptance still need a high SAT score but if you have connections it makes things a lot easier) i also got a free ride cause his dad is multi billionaire