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Are you good with electrical systems on cars?

Are you a good mechanic?

If you answered yes to the questions then you are on your way!

I came across your question trying to find out fuel pump pressure specs on my 720 (im one of the sick ones who loves 720s).

I myself have swapped an electro-injection z24 system into a carbed 720.

You want a complete donor truck, (pre 1986.5, unfortunately this leaves you with less than a years worth of fuel injected 720s to work with but they are the best and easiest donor trucks for the job)

You will need to swap out the dash cluster, fuel pump system, and all the electronics and all engine related parts including intake and exhaust manifold. The wiring may seem overwhelming, but be patient unraveling the harness and you will find that the fuel injection system is in its own wiring harness, all but the ign, acc, and start wires. this swap is one of the easiest there is as long as you stick with the pre 1986.5 years, if you go newer you will have to fight with biziarre smog system parts in the left front engine compartment and it gets really cramped and messy, also in the later years the nissans run internal fuel pumps that will require you to tear apart the entire truck (remove bed gastank, cuttting,fitting, and running the stock sender along with the new sender and pump (internal pump systems sending unit wont work in a 720 tank).

Also if you are converting your carb engine to fuel injection rather than just swaping to a fuel injected motor, dont forget to take the distributor drive system out of the donor engine, it is different, you can do this by dropping out the oil pump and removing the gear shaft, but i recomend also grabing the crank drive gear for it too since it has the same wear pattern, but it is alot of work to get it!

Just be patient, swap the engine parts, then the pump, take a break and go to the wiring.

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Q: What does it take to put a fuel injected Nissan Z24 into your 1986 720 4by4 Nissan pickup?
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