What does it take to start up a hedge fund?

Similar stock or commodity with oposing expected valuation. It takes a team, a marketing plan, seed capital, and operating capital. It takes a lot of capital and most hedge funds never grow into long-term viable businesses.

Personally I believe that there will be hundreds of new hedge funds started every year for the next 7-10 years. Institutions are by and large increasing their allocations to these products and the surveys of the ultra-wealthy and high net worth financial advisers show a strong sense of confidence in increasingly using alternative assets within their portfolios. Soon I will start writing more often on exactly what financial advisers, family offices and institutions look for in hedge funds because if you work in the industry you will probably be interested in working for a hedge fund that is positioned for growth and if you invest in them I hope that you will contribute to the ongoing conversation here within this hedge fund blog and hopefully I will uncover at least one useful resource for you or your clients.