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What does after the darkest hour is dawn mean?

That's not the quote. The saying is, "It's always darkest before the dawn," meaning that the situation seems bleakest just before the solution is found.

What does 'It's always darkest before dawn' mean?

It means that if the situation is as bad as possible, or almost as bad as possible, then it is almost ready to get better. EDIT. The quote would have originally came from the fact that it is always darkest the hour before the sun rises. The metaphorical meaning would be; when your situation is as bad(dark) as possible, it will soon be better then ever(light).

What does the word dawn mean in the star spangled banner?

It's the literal use of the word "dawn," which is early morning, just before sunrise.

What it it mean by darkest yellow in urine?

The darkest yellow in urine means many antibodies and antigens have been killed.

What does the term jet black mean?

the darkest black

Is this scientifically true about the darkest hour?

I am not exactly sure what you mean, and no, I do not believe it was actually dark during the darkest hour. That is just ametaphor.

How do you wash your cat in dawn?

it depends on what kind of dawn you mean, if you mean dawn as in the time, you can use your bath tube. if you mean dawn as in the laundry soap don't use it use cat shampoo

What is 'Stand-to' mean?

In military terms it is to stand read for an attack, probably before dawn or after dark

What does the word mew moon mean?

The first moon, where the sky is darkest.

Does ash love dawn or misty?

it would have to be dawn because they hang out a lot. Dawn they always high 5 each other ;) hmmm just beacause they hang out allot or high fiving each other, does not mean anything. i say he does not like misty or dawn. i say it may for many reason, for people who just started watching the show i rec amend that you watch every episode and movie before you make your "opinion" on who he likes.

Where are the casting auditions for Twilight dawn?

you mean breaking dawn and

What is the meaning of dawn in Urdu?

I think Dawn Mean "Subh Sadiq"

What is darkest wood?

There is also African Blackwood, depending on the cut you can have a deep rich black cut of lumber. If you mean darkest timber then that would be ebony which is black. Ebony

What do you mean dive in the lake?

there is a button at the far side of the lake in the darkest spot.

Who is Edwards dad in breaking dawn part one?

I'm pretty sure Carlisle has always been his "dad" unless you mean actor.

What does the french expression 'il fait jour' mean dawn is breaking?

Strictly speaking dawn is "l'aube". Il fait jour could mean dawn is breaking, or dawn has broken, it is daylight.

What nicknames did Dawn Steel go by?

Dawn Steel went by Queen of Mean.

What is shot at dawn mean?

It was usually the fate that awaited spies and deserters in times of war.

What does roxana mean in spanish?


What does the name Le Dawn mean?

Dawn in French is aurore (it is also a girl's name).

What does it mean when a rooster crows 3 times in a row before dawn?

This relates back to the time of Jesus, when he told Peter, he would deny him 3 times before the rooster crowed.

Who is the deputy of ThunderClan?

In which book you mean? In the first book, at the beginning it's Redtail. Add'l: From the beginning of the series, ThunderClan has had the following deputies: Redtail (Into the Wild; deputy to Bluestar; deceased), Lionheart (Into the Wild; deputy to Bluestar; deceased), Tigerclaw (Into the Wild - Forest of Secrets; deputy to Bluestar; exiled; later ShadowClan leader), Fireheart (Forest of Secrets - The Darkest Hour; deputy and successor of Bluestar), Whitestorm (The Darkest Hour; deceased), Graystripe (The Darkest Hour - Sunset; absent from Dawn - The Sight; deputy to Firestar), and Brambleclaw (Sunset - present; deputy to Firestar).

When the baby is a vampire will it always be a baby?

if it is changed into a vampire when a baby, then it will be a baby forever. ** POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW** if you mean a vampire's child, then this is explained in Breaking Dawn.

What does as black as the hobs of hell mean?

Really dark. Meaning as dark as the darkest part of hell

What does eorptor mean?

It means dawn plunderer.