What does je m applelle luc?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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Je m' appelle means my name is. So je m' appelle luc means my name is luc.

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Q: What does je m applelle luc?
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What is the french for you are called Luke?

Je m'appelle Luc, mon prénom est Luc, je me prénomme Luc

What actors and actresses appeared in Je voudrais descendre - 1995?

The cast of Je voudrais descendre - 1995 includes: Johan Leysen as Luc Victor Rocha as Soldier Francis Selleck as Hunter Miguel Yeco as Farmer

What does je m' apelle mean in English?

it means "my name is..." je m'appelle Julie = my name is Julie

What does je ne' m pa mean?

It's slang for "je n'aime pas" = I don't like it.

Appelle sia je m?

my name is garima

What is french for i a m jealous?

je suis jealous

What does Je m' appelle mean in french?

My name is ...

What is a backhanded comment?

comment je m appelle

Meaning of Je m' appelle Ciolo?

My name is Ciolo

What movie and television projects has Luc Clementin been in?

Luc Clementin has: Played Franck Peretti in "Femmes de loi" in 2000. Played Francis in "Le truc" in 2000. Played Journaliste TV in "Commissaire Cordier" in 2005. Played Henri in "Je vous ai compris" in 2013. Played Jean-Luc in "Petits secrets entre voisins" in 2013.

What is the English translation of Je m' appelle?

The English language equivalent of Je m'appelle is My name is. (Literally, "I call myself".)

What does je'mapple mean in English?

it meaNS "my name is" , Je m´apelle