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it mean only a music for a song, but no one sing it, it' only a music for a song..

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Q: What does karoke mean?
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Hindi film karoke zindagi hai ek jua

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Taylor has 2 major albums [her self-titled debut, Taylor Swift, and her album Fearless]. She also made a Fearless Platinum, basically the Fearless album with 6 extra songs, and she also made a Christmas album, and of course many singles. She has a lot of unreleased songs too, and the songs on her demo CD, you can find them on youtube w/ a download link. Hope I help! Taylor Swift released the album Speak Now in 2010.

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write Tamil karoke in Google

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paa patti

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poomaname oru raga karoke

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"karoke" is not an English word, phrase, or object. The term could be foreign or it could be a form of slang used in America that could be defined in the urban dictionary.

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For karoke machine :07001 43498

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StarMaker Karoke

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you can not get hindi karoke online. You have to do it offline.