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On the q.t. is slang for quiet. q.t.. is an abbreviation for quiet. The phrase dates to at least 1884 when it appears in George Moore's A Mummer's Wife

(Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition)
That means " keep on the question"

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Q: What does keep it on the QT mean?
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"keeping things on the QT" means to keep information or action a secret, or keep it as side knowledge, not for everyone to know. It is similar to saying "just between you and me"

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On the QT means on the quiet. That informal phrase is used to indicate the discussion or action is confidential.For example:Chris and Diane were dating on the QT so Sheila, Chris's former girlfriend who works with Diane, would not find out.The employees were being observed on the QT in order to discover who was wasting resources.The reporter and company employee spoke on the QT in order to keep the meeting confidential and not pose risk to the employee's job.

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