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What does keys to the Benz mean?


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"Keys to the benz" means Give me the keys to a mercades (Car)


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They are now selling new keys but i am not sure that they will fit your 1977 benz. YOu can go to the dealer and see what they can do.

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The numbers usually represent the engine displacement in liters

warning sign on dasboard with exclaimation mean on mercedes benz E220

How do i replace my mercedes benz c230 1999 model keys when it expires

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It means: 1) Person in charge of the keys. 2) A set of keys on a keyring.

Its the emergency response system provided my Mercedes Benz. Similar to OnStar.

what do all the dash board warning lights mean on a1989 mercedes benz

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It means that your Mercedes Benz has 1 malfunction. You should go and have your car checked by a mechanic.

I'm guessing that your seeing those letters in the instrument cluster? VDO is a gauge company, thatsupplies Mercedes Benz with some of there gauges, ie. tach, speedometer.

If you mean keys, there are 26

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The ac module is the actual pushbutton assembly below the radio in your car. that is the control module for the a/c and heater, can be removed with 2 radio keys from Mercedes Benz.

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