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It means, "The school stinks."

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Q: What does la escuela apesta mean?
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What does en la escuela tenemos mean in spanish?

It means: "we have it in school"--- en la escuela la / lo tenemos...In school we have... en la escuela tenemos...

What does que apendes en la escuela?

You probably mean, "...que aprendes en la escuela?" This mean, "... that you learn in school."

What does como van a la escuela mean in English?

¿Cómo van a la escuela? means, "How do they go to the school?"

What does de la escuela mean?

you were exiting the school

What is schools in Spanish?

la escuela

What does salias de la escuela mean?

you were exiting the school

What does salgo para la escuela mean?

I leave for school.

What does como es la escuela mean?

It means, "How is the school?"

What does estas en la escuela mean in English?

You are in the school

How do you say where is school in Spanish?

La escuela es aburrida

What is the definition for la escuela?

La escuela means "the school" in English.

What is at school in Spanish?

at school is 'en la escuela, a la escuela'