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It means: "The memory of your kisses still makes my heart beat like a drum. I hope all is well in your life."

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Q: What does la memoria de tus besos todavia hace que mi corazon late como un tambora. Espero que todo esta bien en tu vida meaning?
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What is the meaning of todavia me quieres?

"still love me" (Spanish)

When was Todavia Nos Queremos created?

Todavia Nos Queremos was created in 2006.

How do you say 'are you still mad' in Spanish?

To a man; todavia estas enojado? To a woman; todavia estas enojada?

What is the word for still in Spanish?


How do you say i care bout you still in spanish?

"Todavia significas mucho para mi" means "you still mean a lot to me" "Te quiero todavia" means "I still like you" "Te amo todavia" means "I still love you" (pretty serious)

How do you say still hard in spanish?

todavia duro

Are you there still in Spanish?

Todavia estas? (accents on i' and 'a' in estas')

What is ' i am still here' in spanish?

Estoy aqui todavia.

How do you say i still like him in Spanish?

Todavia me gusta

What does sabes todavia mean in English?

You still know

What does todavia tengo que mean in Spanish?

I still have to.

Mexico a ganado una copa mundial?

Todavia no. ^^