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"life is short."

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Q: What does la vida es corta mean?
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How do you say his life too in spanish?

La vida es muy corta. (very short - more common) La vida es demaciado corta. (too short --sort of) La vida es tan corta (so short -- more common)

How do you say life's too short in Spanish?

La vida es corta

Disfruta la vida. Es muy corta?

Enjoy life. It is very short.

What is English translation for Siga sus sueños porque la vida es demasiado corta?

It means: Follow your dreams because life is too short.

What is La Vida es bonita?

La vida es bonita.

What does Es la vida mean in English?

This is the life!

What does La vida es tuya mean?

La vida es tuya literally means life is yours. It is generally used to mean "It's your life to live."

What does que es la vida mean in English?

What is life?

What does 'La vida es preciosa' mean?

Life is precious.

How do you write life is good in spanish?

La vida es buena :) Or Es una buena vida

What does ivy queens song la vida es asi mean?

"La vida es así" is "Life is like that" Pretty much meaning that life is unfair.

How do you say boot is short in spanish?

La bota es corta.