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The rank of Lance Corporal does not exist in the United States Army (I'm assuming that's the Army you were referring to since it was categorised in the US Army category). British and Commonwealth armies have the rank.

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The lance corporal fell out of usage prior to World War II, before it was permanently established in the sweeping rank restructuring of 1958

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There is no such thing. A lance corporal is in the United States Marine Corps. Not the army. In the army the is specialist and corporal. Der da der

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Q: What does lance corporal do in the army?
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What is the abbreviation for Lance corporal?

Lance Corporal = LCpl.

How should you address a Lance Corporal?

You should address a Lance Corporal by their rank, either as "Lance Corporal" or by using their last name followed by "Lance Corporal." For example, you could say "Lance Corporal Smith" or simply "Lance Corporal." It is important to show respect and use proper military courtesy when addressing service members.

What is an E4 in the Marine Corps?

Corporal. Note: An E3 in the Marine Corps is called a lance corporal; a rank which to the best of my knowledge only exists in the British Army and the US Marines. A lance corporal is the highest enlisted rank, and a corporal is the lowest non-commissioned officer rank.

What pay grade is a Marine Lance Corporal?

A Lance Corporal is an E-3

What are the ratings and certificates for Dad's Army - 1968 The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones 3-1?

Dad's Army - 1968 The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones 3-1 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G UK:U (video rating) (1991)

What does Terminal Lance mean in military nomenclature?

It is Marine Corps lingo for a Marine who discharges as a Lance Corporal, a Lance Corporal forever.

What is a Lance Corporal?

Lance Corporal is a military rank, used by many armed forces worldwide, and also by some police forces and other uniformed organizations. It is below the rank of Corporal, and is typically the lowest Non-commissioned officer. Now, that is the difition but the lance corporals that I have seen were in the Marines. The Army has the Private first class insted. They both have the paygrade E3.

What is the average age of a marine lance corporal?

My boyfriend went through the Young Marines and was a Lance Corporal at age 19.

What rank was Adolf Hitler in the German army during World War 1?

Hitler was a brave soldier: he was promoted to the rank of Corporal, was wounded twice (in 1916 and 1918) and was awarded several medals. The German Army rank he achieved was 'Gefreiter'. This is equivalent to 'lance-corporal' in the British army, and 'private first-class' in the US army.A Corporal.

How you use corporal in a sentence?

My cousin's rate was upgraded to lance corporal last week!

I saw the question 'What is the order of ranks in the army' but isn't there a gunnery sergeant too?

Gunnery Sergeant and Lance Corporal are names of ranks used by the US Marines. The Question was about the US Army.

What will the cutting score for 0612 lance corporal to pick up corporal be in oct 2011?