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The regular powders contain bleach (which is why colours fade) and if the powder is biological, enzymes.

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Q: What does laundry detergent have in it that removes stains?
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What are ingredients in laundry detergent?

surfactants which is a chemical that removes dirt from stains

How do cleaners remove grass stains?

What detergent removes grass stains What detergent removes grass stains

Would tide detergent or gain detergent get the stains out the best?

Well Actually. Tide Removes 84% stains And gain Removes About 40% Stains. So tide Detergent Removes Stains The Best. Thats Your Answer. Tide Is The Best Detergent. Also OxiClean Removes Stains The Best. Oxiclean Was Rewarded For The Best Stain Remover In The World. But Technically Tide Is Better.

What stain remover removes coffee stains?

A stain remover that removes coffee stains varies depending on the type of material. For clothing, pre-soaking in standard laundry detergent generally will remove coffee stains. You can also use Tide Stain Stick or Shout Liquid Laundry Stain Remover to remove coffee stains. White vinegar or a white vinegar and dishwashing detergent mixture will also work.

What is the difference between laundry detergent and stain removers?

Laundry Detergent Gets Rid Of Smells And Odors And Stain Removers Get Stains Out.

What are the ingredients in laundry detergent?

surfactants which is a chemical that you can wash your stains out

Which laundry detergent works best on stains?

Tide is the best!

What is oxygen laundry booster?

Laundry Booster is to help boost your regular laundry detergent and to help lift stains.

Why do people use laundry detergent?

The detergent helps left the stains off the clothing and make it smell better!

What ingredients are in gain laundry detergent?

Please SOmebody help me! i cant find the answers to the question ' what ingredients are in gain laundry detergent and what ingredients in gain laundry detergent help remove stains?' i need answers and i need them quick for my SFP!

How laundry detergent removes a grease spot from material?

Kasi magaanda ako

How do you remove tea stains from a carpet?

Oxy Clean Powder Laundry detergent/ Hot water

What laundry detergent gives the least amount of suds?

Tiger blood. It gets the tough stains out.

Why is Tide better than Gain laundry detergent?

it remove stains and still smells good

Which laundry detergent is better Gain laundry detergent or Dynamo laundry detergent?

Most people would agree that Gain laundry detergent is better than Dyamo laundry detergent. Gain is more expensive in price but a better quality detergent.

Can laundry detergent remove permanent marker stains?

no because it needs to have a supper strong level of alcohol

Which detergent removes stains the best?

Oh yeah It's Tide oh yeah baby right there

How do you remove grease stains?

Let it soak in warm water with your normal laundry detergent and add in a little vinegar , you'll be surprised!

Is it necessary to use detergent for your laundry?

It is not necessary, but it would work better if you did. Laundry detergent is a substance that kills and dissolves bacteria. I did an experiment for which laundry detergent worked best on stains and tide works best. I also put in one other shirt in but with NO SOAP and it did not take off any of the stains ( i used chocolate sauce, mustard, soya sauce, and red wine). So if you want the best cleanliness for your clothes i would suggest Tide Laundry soap . A grade 7 project

Who invented the laundry detergent all?

who invente the laundry detergent all

What are the best laundry detergent coupons?

I love ALL laundry detergent. This week I paired the $1/1 All laundry detergent coupon with the sale at CVS on All laundry detergent to score a great deal.

Can I get coupons for the cheapest brand of laundry detergent?

Yes you can get coupons for cheap laundry detergent, and I am including a couple of sites ,

What laundry detergent use to have drinking glasses inside?

Tide laundry detergent.

Laundry Detergent Coupons?

form_title= Laundry Detergent Coupons form_header= Save money on laundry detergent. Do you want printable coupons?*= () Yes () No What brand do you prefer?*= _ [50] Do you need HE detergent?*= () Yes () No

Why are enzymes added to laundry detergent?

The enzymes used in laundry detergents act on materials that make up a variety of stains and soils so that these materials can be washed away more easily.