What does lavender need to grow?

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Q: What does lavender need to grow?
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Do lavender lilies need of sunlight to grow?


Can lavender grow without soil?

no you can't because you need soil to grow any plant that you want to grow.

How do you grow lavender?

to grow a lavender u will need seeds and water and soil and last of all but not the least nutrition oh and don't forget to give it sunlight too.

Does lavender need sun to grow?

Being a Medditeranean plant it prefers the sun.

Does lavender grow in israel?

Lavender will probably grow well where vine grows. The soil should be neutral to alcaline.

What time of year does lavender grow?

Lavender grows summer to i dont no lol

What conditions does lavender need to grow?

Moist, well drained, moderately fertile soil in full sun

Can lavender grow in partial shade in Texas?

Lavender is a Meddeterranian plant and is better grown in full sun.

What Flowers grow in South West France?


How can you grow lavender in your house?

well, you could get a few pots and soil and on your window ledge and put the lavender seedsburied in the soil. But make sure the pot and its contents are covered by the sun's rays to help the lavender grow and in a few watever you call it.. your house will be blossoming with lavender!! Have fun planting!!

How long does it take for a lavender plant to grow?

about 4 years

How do you cut and grow lavender?

Lavender thrives in warm, well drained soil and full sun. You can keep it moist, but not damp. When the lavender blooms, you can cut it at the bottom and dry for later use. Lavender will come back every year.

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