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------- likes school and your older female friend

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Q: What does le gusta el colegio a tu mejor amiga mean?
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What does you mejor amiga in English mean?


What does eres mejor amiga mean?

You are the best friend

What does quien es tu mejor amiga mean?

It means, "Who is your best friend?" Amiga is a female friend.

What does Mi Mejor Amiga mean in english?

My best friend. In a female term or saying.

What does como se llama tu mejor amiga mean?

Translation: What is your best friend (female) called?

What does tu eres mi mejor amiga y mi hermanita mean?

you are my best friend and little sister.

What does quien es la mejor amiga de Taylor mean in English?

It means, "Who is Taylor's best girlfriend?"

What does como es tu mejor amiga mean in spanish?

What is your best friend like? (the best friend is female)

What does kien es mi mejor amiga y amigo mean in English?

Who is my best girl/guy friend? Amigo- Guy Friend Amiga- Girl Friend Note: kien is actually "quien"

What does queria ser mi mejor amiga quero tu por todo el pae mean in spanish?

'Queria ser mi mejor amiga' means (as a statement) You/she wanted to be my best friend'; (as a question) 'Did you/she want to be my best friend?' 'quero tu por todo el pae' doesn't mean anything really, but 'te quiero por todo el' would mean 'I love you for all the....' but 'pae' - ???

What does this mean in english Gracias amiga me gusta la espanol mucho?

That is clearly miswritten my closest guess would be, "Thanks friend, I like Spanish alot"

What does Te extrano mucho tambien tu eres mi mejor amiga y te quiero mucho mean?

"I miss you very much, you are my best friend and I love you alot"