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Q: What does leat mean by earning some thing?
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How do you play games on Club Penguin?

Look around in some places and they'll have some games to play.Or if you mean like earning money off of the games, Same thing. :)

What does cycastic mean?

It means some thing

Do you mean anything?

I mean every thing, but some times I am wrong.

What does SOMething from a rebus puzzle mean?

some thing

What does less likely mean?

some thing that can hardly be :)

What are some words that mean the same thing as gift?

Present .

What does realism mean?

some thing that is real in art or pictures

What douse value mean in maths?

how much some thing is

What is the earning power of a CNA in Canada?

this is an easy question because the earning power of Canada is 96.5% sniff some cocaine will ya!

What is the difference between haram and illegal earning and is illegal earning also considered as haram?

Haram earning is earning that is obtained through forbidden acts per Islam religion, such as gambling, selling alcohols, robbery, cheating, etc.. Illegal earning is earning that is obtained through unlawful acts such as robbery. All illegal earnings are haram earnings per Islam religion. However, in some countries not all haram earning are illegal earnings. For example, in some countries, gambling and alcohol selling earnings are haram per Islam religion but legal in these countries.

What does 1nzs mean?

I think it means peace.... Some thing like that.

What does to simplify mean?

I think to simplify is to break down some thing