What does lee ma tha mean in Arabic?

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Translation: Lemadha (لماذا) = Why
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What does tha thu breagha mean?

Its Scottish Gaelic or Gàidhlig. It means "You are beautiful" (or pretty, or handsome depending on the context it is used).. cheers bigears,. bairnsangs

Is yo-yo-ma Arabic American?

I believe he is Chinese. No I am sure he is Korean. Well Yo Yo Ma was born Paris,France, but his mom and dad were born in japan or China

What are tha meaning of front desk staff and what they do?

Hi, if you've never been involved in tourism or hotels positions, front desk means the area where you have to "check in" or "check out" in a hotel. This area is always next to the lobby. When you get into a hotel, you will see the lobby (usually many persons sit taking a drink, getting tours informa ( Full Answer )

What does THAS mean?

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, an extrema sports video game for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance.

What does tha mean chronosystem?

chronosystem - is the historical conditions/systems that a person lives in... Involves a number of overlapping systems, family, peers and many others called Microsystems which shape human development. These systems make up Mesosystems and so forth... See Urie Bronfenbrenner, a leader in understandin ( Full Answer )

What does mas fina mean in Spanish?

Fina means fine in spanish. Mas Fina = Literally means more fine. In spanish they dont use ER to describe better. Longer would be mas largo

What does Arabic mean?

Arabic is a language . It is a language used in Arabic countries of the Middle East and parts of Africa also. \n. dictionary.com definitions: "A Semitic language that developed out of the language of the Arabians of the time of Muhammad, now spoken in countries of the Middle East and North Africa ( Full Answer )

What does Lee means in the Lee of the stone?

Lee means the sheltered side. In the lee of the stone would mean the side of the stone untouched or sheltered from wind, rein or anything really. in the lee of anything just means the sheltered side of that particular thing.

What does the 'MA' mean?

The letters 'MA' refer to Master of Arts . It's an advanced, graduate program degree in the United States of America. It may take one or two years to complete all of the requirements. There may be exam, internship and thesis requirements above and beyond the course requirements. It's the degree tha ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to be Arabic?

Answer 1 It means you can speak the Arabic language fluently and you should be from an Arab country (either in the Middle East or North Africa) but it doesn't mean that you should be Muslim, even though a majority of Arabs are. Answer 2 People aren't Arabic. People are Arabs. To be Arab usual ( Full Answer )

What does tha nickname yaya mean?

it is a greek organ on ya and they just added another ya which made it yaya!! so that's your answer!! im a 12 yr old straight [A] student which i call my friend yaya and her name is soraya...so i looked it up and that is your answer!

What does tha name Teresa mean?

The name Teresa means Harvester . It has American, Australian, Celtic, Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swiss origins and to be lady like and so senful its hard to say but this name isn't known because of its stress

Ma ma se ma ma sa ma ma coo sa what does this mean?

It basically means. "dance!", both in words and in music... KelefaSanneh explains it well in the July 6, 2009 online edition of TheNew Yorker: newyorker.com/talk/2009/07/06/090706ta_talk_sanneh It is a rhythm that the Cameroonians use while dancing. It doesn'treally mean anything. It's closer to an ( Full Answer )

What is tha meaning of almanacs?

It is an annual production containing a calender for the coming year, the times of events, sunrises and sunsets. Phases of the moon and tides, astromonical and meterogical information, the future position of celestial objects

Define ma ta ya in Arabic?

The literal translation means "till when you..." but if used in a dialogue by it self it would mean that it has taken a lot of time and I wonder when is it going to end.

Is there a Spiritual center in Lee MA?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no Spiritual Science Center in MA. Most of the Spiritual Science Centers are around the Washington, DC area. There is a correspondence school that is based upon the curriculum of the National Spiritual Science Center. It was called Silent Light Spiritual Science ( Full Answer )

What does tha name Susan mean?

Susan is the English form of Susanna, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Shoshanna. Shoshanna means "lily."

What does tha word THERE mean?

There means in that place. "Your shoes are over there beside the door."On the other hand their means belonging to them. "Tell Mary and Bob that their shoes are over there by the door."

Hi lol how are you what does tha mean?

It means : Hello, How Are You? Meaning: How are you feeling? What you up to? I think that's what you mean anyway.... Im confused by that question....

What does quien besarte mas mean?

its now well written, im not sure if you mean, "quien te besa mas?" which is, "who kisses you more?" or: "who kisses you more than i do?" which would turn out being like: "quien te besa mas que yo?"

What does mas verdes mean?

It means 'more green', though without the context of the words, one couldn't really tell you what they mean by saying that.

What does Que mas parse mean?

The exact translation is "that but even". However, this probably won't help you. Might I consider traveling to CA. I've done it before and alot of people there speak spanish and could help you right away!! Good Luck!

What does tha name Annabella mean?

Beautiful Anne. As Anne also means Grace, it can be defined Beautiful Grace as well. Annabella was a popular French actress from the 30"s to maybe the 50"s, she died in l996 at age 89.

What does 'ma' mean in 'tamariki ma'?

I tkink it means white. white rabbit Yes, as the person above has mentioned 'ma' is the colour white. However, in this context the 'ma' is being used to make tamariki ma - children, while nga tamariki - the children. I am not sure if this will make sense so I have included an example below: Haere ( Full Answer )

What does ma gra ma vurneen mean?

"ma gra ma vurneen" looks like an anglicisation of "mo ghrá, mo mhuirnín" "mo ghrá" means "my love" "mo mhuirnín" means "my dear"

What does the geological term Ma mean?

Ma in geology means Mega Anum. The M is a standard SI prefix (think giga, mega, kilo, etc.), and anum means year. However, in geology the "a" specifically denotes time before the present. For example, 10 Ma means ten millions years before the present, or ten million years ago. This distinction is im ( Full Answer )

What does 'ma' mean in Welsh?

It can mean "this", such as in the context of "y llyfr 'ma" (this book). It basically comes from "yma" (here) i.e. this book = the book here. In other contexts, it might mean something else, but "this (here)" strikes me as the most obvious sense.

What does que mas ago mean?

It means: What else i should do? it is a question statement. Trust me, my first language is spanish...

What does mas malo gato mean?

I believe it's intended to say 'the worst cat.' But mas malo isn't correct; it should read: 'el peor gato.'

What does como mas mean in spanish?

well, here is one of those examples where the accent (´) and punctuation makes all the difference. also, it could mean different things depending on the context specially because both words have different meanings. but people normally in an informal conversation like a chat, don't use correct ort ( Full Answer )

What is tha meaning of name sunitha?

The name Sunitha or Sunita is not native American, but a name used in India. It is Hindi and Sanskrit for "well-behaved".

What does GSM and CD MA means?

GSM- Global system for mobile communication not expensive as cdma in this u can run Internet via GPRS which is not much expensive.

What is tha mean of lota?

You've been watching Diary of A Bad Man It's asian toilet paper- in the most figuaritve sense

What does Ma Petite Urchin mean?

Nothing. Maybe you mean "ma petite oursonne" (my little (female) bear cub), talking about a small girl, but that would be weird. More context, better transcription?

What does du ma may mean?

"du ma may" does not mean anything, nor does it sound like French words. "du" = "of the", "ma" = "my" (fem.), but "may" means nothing in this context.

What does ma mean in Arabic?

Ma (ما) in Arabic has a number of meanings. It is most commonly used as the word "What" in a question where "to be" is the functioning verb, such as: What is the meaning of this? - Ma alma3na bihadha (ما المعنى بهذا). It can also be used to negate the ( Full Answer )

What does mas ahora mean?

With an accent over the 'a' in 'mas': 'more now' Without an accent: 'but now'

What is tha meaning of suffix?

Something that comes after something. In the case of names a Suffix would be Jr. or Sr. E.g. John Doe Sr. John Doe Jr.

What does the term Arabic mean in Arabic Songs?

Arabic songs are the music of the Arabian people and Arab World. In more recent years, Arabic music is interacting with Western popular music as well as R&B, pop and rock.

What does a Lee mean?

Lees are, basically, dead yeast and other junk produced byfermentation. If you're reading about making wine, you'll seediscussion of "racking" the wine to remove the lees. The way you've written it, though, you may be referring to thenautical phrase "hard alee!" which means, essentially, "turn the ( Full Answer )

What is tha full meaning of hr?

"hr" is an abbreviation for the word hour. Capitalized, HR, it could be an acronym for Human Resources.

What actors and actresses appeared in Enas trellos tha mas sosei - 1988?

The cast of Enas trellos tha mas sosei - 1988 includes: Maro Athanasiou Gianna Krezou Giorgos Loukakis Mihalis Moustakas Sotiris Moustakas as Timolaos Panos Nikolaidis Leonidas Nikolaidis Kostas Papahristos Takis Poulitsis Stavrina Prevedorou Antonis Trikaminas

What has the author Ma-Ling Lee written?

Ma-Ling Lee has written: 'The education of a very young madam' -- subject(s): Case studies, Biography, Procuresses, Prostitution, Sex-oriented businesses

What is does tha inside of ring mean?

My sister found a ring with a red stone n some smaller stones. Themarkings on the inside say cw 925 THA. What does this mean?