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What does lei organa mean in hawaiian?


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lei is flower; organa is not Hawai`ian.

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Aloha: Do you mean 'lei' [lay], or do you literally mean 'original lei' ko kumu lei [ko coo-moo lay]?

Aloha: Lei, or do you mean what is it made of?

One can order a Hawaiian Lei from Hawaii by going to the official website of Hawaiian Flower Lei and proceeding to order from their wide variety of leis.

The Hawaiian lei is woven out of flowers.

actually, it doesn't mean anything 'cause lei is the femminine of you in Italian :) "e" is and,le ka nothing :D The song is a part Hawaiian song The word lei is flower garland. In this case though the phrase is sort of like tra la la in other songs in Engish

Flowers, foilage or shells.

A lei is made from Hawaiian flowers.

It's a "necklace" made out of flowers.

Lei is a Hawaiian word for wreath or garland. A lei is usually worn around the neck as a necklace of flowers and is is a sign of affection or welcome.

The Hawaiian state flower is the yellow hibiscus. The Hawaiian name is pua aloalo. Each island has a lei flower.

Aloha: lei [lay] The lei can be made of many types of flowers or other greenery.

E lawe (aku) ʻoe i kekahi lei. (ke ʻoluʻolu-Please)

It is called a LEI (pronounced "lay")

CORRECTED: aloha: It is pronounced 'lay'

A hawaiian lei is a elastacated necklace decorated with flowers and leaves. Try this link to find a picture of one;

; lei ; ; 1843, from Hawaiian, "ornament worn about the neck or head." See the Related Link below.

It is called a Lei which is pronounced lay.

A Hawaiian flower necklace, otherwise known as a lei.

Yes it is, it means heavenly lei (garland of flowers).

not sure if it's lei lei or Le Le but good I think

aloha lei kahuna Waikiki luau poi ukulele

Aloha lei Honolulu luau maui

If you mean the actress it is Carrie Fisher.

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